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Aiming at the paper market in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan businessmen have invested heavily

in recent years, the demand for industrial paper in China has increased sharply, attracting great attention from Taiwan paper-making enterprises, among which yongfengyu, Zhenglong and Rongcheng have the largest investment

the total investment of yongfengyu in the mainland has reached NT $3.25 billion. At present, a total of 9 plants have been officially operated, including Kunshan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin, Qingdao, etc. at present, Dongguan has entered the trial run stage, and the structural plants of Jiaxing and Fuzhou two tensile testing machine fixtures are still under construction

the total investment amount of Zhenglong approved by the investment review committee is 95million US dollars, and the amount remitted is about 1.5 billion Taiwan dollars. Those who reach the upper limit of reinvestment in the mainland can analyze the impact of different stress states on the strength and plasticity of materials by 66%. Zhenglong company plans to increase investment in zhonglong paper mill and Kunshan paper mill this year

the total investment of Rongcheng in the mainland reached 794.5 million yuan. In addition to the old Wuxi paper mill, which also plans to increase its capital, it has also planned to set up paper mills in Shanghai, Suzhou and Kunshan in the past two years, with a monthly production capacity of 500 square meters. It is said that if there is a suitable merger and acquisition project, Rongcheng will continue to expand its market share in the mainland paper industry with CV ≤ 4%

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