Taiwan businessmen in Dongguan have new ideas to a

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Dongguan Taiwanese businessmen have new ideas to alleviate the labor shortage of enterprises

Dongguan Taiwanese businessmen hope the government will increase the support of "machine replacement" to alleviate the labor shortage of enterprises. Taiwan famous products Expo was held in Dongguan from 16th to 19th, 2016. According to the latest news from Dongguan Taiwan Businessmen Association, Dongguan Taiwan businessmen hope that the government will increase support for machine replacement to alleviate the problem of labor shortage in enterprises

it is understood that at present, there are more than 3000 member enterprises of Dongguan Taiwan Business Association, and the export output value of this year has not been reduced through research. However, Taiwan businessmen in Dongguan still face many challenges. Since the end of last year, the European and American markets have gradually warmed up, and the order volume has gradually rebounded, but the roughness of profits is generally 1.6~0.8, declining. This year, many enterprises are facing labor shortage. Many factories are short of more than 30% of their workers. Some will choose to outsource the order first, but outsourcing is risky. Some Taiwan enterprises simply don't accept the order

the relevant person in charge said that Dongguan proposed machine replacement, and it is expected that the total industrial output value will reach 10trillion yuan by 2025. Special funds will be allocated to support enterprises in nearly 80 countries and regions around the world. The new policy is in line with the development trend, but the subsidy object and amount need to be improved. Enterprises can rely on robots, robot arms and other automation to alleviate the pressure of employment. In the long run, the manufacturing industry must improve its competitiveness by realizing automation, but this is not a small sum of money. A machine costs more than a dozen or even 200000 yuan. A factory needs at least dozens or even hundreds of machines. This is a very huge capital investment. They hope the government can increase its support

experts believe that in the next five years, subsidies for robots and other automation will be the most important link for Dongguan production enterprises, because the impact of lack of work is too great. At the same time, Taiwanese enterprises need to integrate resources and fully integrate into the local economic and social environment

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