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Puffing food equipment Tainuo machinery wholeheartedly

puffing food equipment Tainuo machinery wholeheartedly

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and then rotate the hand wheel. The worm wheel is used to rotate the feeding drum to the position convenient for discharging, stop rotating, and then start the machine to make the main shaft run before discharging the materials, until the discharge stops the main shaft, rotate the hand wheel to reset the feeding drum, and with the rotation of the drum, After the screw is completely cleared, the material enters the oil spray from one end when the material enters the drum. By tumbling and stirring, the oil is evenly coated on the surface of the material. When the material passes through the middle of the drum, add seasoning, and only roll cloth to stir, and the product comes out of the drum. The sandwich rice production line takes corn, rice and other extruded grains as basic raw materials after crushing, After extrusion, expansion and ripening, it is installed on the material testing machine

the starch tissue in the powdery raw material is denatured and gelatinized, which has a more homogenizing effect and is easier to be digested and absorbed. 1. Product application: pretreatment of wire drawing protein. The general condition of wire drawing protein is dry solid (water content is about%, water activity aw is about.) It is necessary to soften the drawstring protein before using it. After fully absorbing water, the drawstring protein will completely soften and show the texture of meat fiber. The drawstring protein products have excellent structure and real arrangement of meat fiber, and are very suitable for the processing of all kinds of high-end vegetarian meat like foods, such as vegetarian ham, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian fish, vegetarian hamburger, vegetarian hot dog, vegetarian tea goose, vegetarian steak, vegetarian meat floss, etc. the products also have good water absorption After proper processing technology, oil retention is an ideal additive for high protein meat products, which is used in meat products

can achieve the intention of enhancing the taste of meat, reducing the cost and improving the protein content in products, such as applying it to minced sausage, western ham, meatballs, reconstituted chops (chicken chops, pork chops, etc.), fried chicken nuggets, hamburger meat 1. The fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; Dumplings, steamed stuffed buns, meat dumplings and other frozen meat products; It is also an excellent choice for casual foods such as imitation beef jerky, reconstituted beef granules, meat and vegetable meat floss, etc. by rehydrating the brushed protein product, it can be used to prepare dishes or replace some meat products, so it can be directly selected and purchased by canteens, catering companies, restaurants, etc. This product is not only convenient to operate, but also proposes a new concept of healthy nutrition diet, and can achieve the effect of reducing the cost (less than/) of lean meat cost, Choose the ingredients for a new trend of puffing food equipment. 2. General methods: () rehydration: soak the silk fibroin in water until it is soft (there is no hard core inside), and soak it in the production water at room temperature (the soaking time is different according to different product items.

about minutes to hours). Due to microbial considerations, it is better to use clean ice water (~ ℃) to soak it (about hours to soak it), and use the silk fibroin after soaking quickly; It is necessary to store the unused silk fibroin soaked in ~ ℃ environment and use it up within hours () dehydration: put the softened silk fibroin evenly in the dehydrator to remove the remaining water. The dehydrator with a drum diameter of CM and a rotating speed of RMP can dehydrate for about minutes. It can be the first minute in the dehydration stage. Washing the silk fibroin with water can help remove the remaining bean flavor, After dehydration, the amount of silk drawing protein is about times the dry weight (depending on the production of different products, the different water content of silk drawing protein can be adjusted), that is, kg of silk drawing protein is rehydrated and becomes kg after dehydration, () silk removal: the dehydrated silk drawing protein is broken up and silk removed. With the continuous progress of mechanization in China, the production line of grain and miscellaneous grain nutritional powder gradually came into our sight. Because China is a large agricultural country, Then it is essential for the corresponding puffing food machinery and nutritional powder production line to appear

next, let's focus on the maintenance methods of the production line of grain and miscellaneous grain nutritional powder: *, the box bearings should be filled with lubricating grease in time, and the lubricating grease should be replaced once after the operation hours. Secondly, other bearing parts should be filled with lubricating grease regularly. Thirdly, it is strictly forbidden to use a hard hammer during the disassembly and assembly of vulnerable parts such as screws and screw sleeves, and it is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects or stand on the expansion chamber. Fourthly, the inlet pump valve The expanded raw materials should be cleaned to prevent metal and other foreign matters from entering the machine and damaging the machine parts. Fifth, check the quality of the production line of cereals nutritional powder at any time, and pay attention to the replacement of vulnerable parts. Sixth, keep the surrounding of the equipment clean. Seventh, when the expanded materials are not used for a long time or replaced, the materials in the expanded cavity should be removed to avoid caking, mildew or cross contamination between materials. Eighth, due to the relatively rapid wear of vulnerable parts close to the outlet, The wearing parts at one end close to the feed inlet are less worn, so when replacing the wearing parts, with the continuous progress of science and technology in China, the production line of grain and miscellaneous grain nutritional powder is fully automated from our batching, extrusion, expansion, molding, sandwich, cutting, spraying to the finished product at one time. The production line has many optional models, flexible equipment configuration, the original shell surface equipment to ensure the quality, a wide range of materials, a wide range of products, simple operation and other characteristics, Choosing the appropriate configuration of suspended fish feed equipment can produce sandwich cake, sandwich roll, expanded rice fruit, wheat stew, Guoba, nutritional breakfast, modified starch and other products, which are suitable for all kinds of food manufacturers *, product quality: the product can be eaten after boiling water for minutes, without soup, continuous strips, good taste, second, low consumption and energy saving: it is only steamed for minutes before spinning

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