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Start with the evaluation of the 27 inch 2K display of Changhong 27p630qs, the advantages and disadvantages of transmission introduction

Changhong new display recommendation: the 27 inch 2K display of Changhong 27p630qs, the specific export proportion of this Changhong 27p630q to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. How about the 27 inch 2K display of S? Let's see the configuration parameters of this 27 inch 2K display of Changhong 27p630qs, and users' comments on its advantages and disadvantages, I hope it can help you choose and help

I. configuration parameters of 27 inch 2K display of Changhong 27p630qs:

1. The price is really favorable for the student party. The display screen is simple and generous, light and fashionable. I asked the customer service how many Hz. Customer service also kept a low profile and said that there were 74hz

2 after buying 60Hz. The price of the monitor was very cost-effective; The second screen is perfect, with moderate thickness, realizing green recycling in the whole life cycle. The packaging is tight and undamaged. The product is still very worth buying! Bright colors, fast response, right size,

3. A monitor with high cost performance, compared with many companies, chose Changhong this one, and was not disappointed. Ultra thin, with good resolution, mild color, no harm to eyes, large screen, playing games, watching TV is great

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