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Start with the evaluation: Xiaoyi dash cam smart app HD night vision 1080p wide-angle ADAS wireless WiFi Xiaomi ecological feeling

Xiaoyi dash cam smart app HD night vision 1080p wide-angle ad new capacity less as wireless WiFi Xiaomi ecological

smart LCD can HD ADAS intelligent safety wake-up system. How about this one, Please refer to the following comments from the owner's friends:

experience of using it for a month: I was a little worried about the effect when I bought the dash cam of Xiaoyi for the first time. I have encountered false boasting advertisements about HD wide-angle lenses of other brands of dash cam before. When I buy them, I look cheated and return them directly. I'm very satisfied with the little ant dash cam I bought. It goes without saying that awesome, including the mail and SF express. The key is the effect. The booklet of HD lens is compiled by technical experts organized by Guangxi Institute of metrology. It is really wide-angle, and the recorder system is simple and practical. The car is parked downstairs. If you want to watch the recorder video, just take out the app link recorder. Convenient, safe and practical

half year evaluation: Please Click to view the detailed evaluation comments>

smart app HD night vision 1080p wide-angle ADAS configuration parameters:

Product Name: Yi

main lens aperture: f1.8

brand: Yi


package: official standard package one package two packages three packages four packages five

image resolution: 1296p

camera pixels: 3million

.Camera pixel: 3million

cores Count of hearts: dual core

view angle: 165 °

recorder installation type: Mini stealth

and then re calibrate the sensor to work properly

operation memory: no

number of lenses: single lens

color classification: space gray champagne gold

screen size: 2.7 inches

function: cyclic video front vehicle collision warning front vehicle distance detection collision

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