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Beijing printing enterprises strictly check, strengthen knowledge and technology training, improve product quality rate

[China Packaging News] with the rapid development of the entire printing market, more and more printing enterprises have joined the industry, so the natural result is the blind spot in quality and output. How to change this phenomenon and how to make the domestic printing market develop steadily

Zhang, the head of the Beijing printing product quality supervision and inspection station, also suggested that printing enterprises should strictly control the raw and auxiliary materials and printing processes as new materials in our province have formed a certain regional characteristics; At the same time, strengthen the publicity and technical training of green printing professional knowledge for leaders and front-line employees, strengthen mutual cooperation and cooperation with publishing houses, further improve the printing level, improve the high-quality rate of printing products, and help the development of green printing. As the main body of the market, publishing houses and printing enterprises have done a lot of specific work in developing green printing

Ma Baoling, deputy director of the operation and management center and director of printing management of Beijing Publishing Group, introduced the measures taken by Beijing Publishing Group to promote green printing, and also put forward her own suggestions to printing and packaging enterprises and quality supervision departments. According to his introduction, Beijing edition group attaches great importance to green printing, actively participates in various activities, and publishes a large number of green printing books; By strengthening learning and skill training, improving the management system and cooperation norms, and through close communication and cooperation in multiple links, we should improve the sincerity of the experimenters and avoid friction; The quality of green printing products is not high for the force measuring part; In addition, according to the characteristics of the group's books, the group's green printing standards have also been formulated, taking the qualification of green environmental protection as one of the conditions for the bidding renewal of engineering product processing units produced under the specified settings in 2013. The problems existing in the implementation of green printing at this stage have also been investigated

Ma Baoling believes that green printing enterprise certification provides a high-quality platform and way for publishers to choose processing partners. At the same time, she hopes that printing enterprises can strengthen their work in strengthening staff training, strengthening the procurement and use management of green printing raw materials, accelerating the update of equipment and technology, prohibiting the storage of chemical products that do not meet environmental protection requirements in production workshops, and prohibiting outward printing, so as to implement the green printing work. For the management department and testing department, she hopes to provide more technical and information support to publishing houses and printing enterprises through exchange training and providing more high-quality product testing information exchange

Guo Xu, director of the Publishing Department of the people's education press, introduced the measures taken by the people's education society to promote green printing from the aspects of team construction, system construction, management measures and quality inspection. As the representatives of printing enterprises, the relevant principals of Beijing Lifeng Accor Great Wall Co., Ltd. and Beijing MEITONG Printing Co., Ltd. also exchanged their views on how to strengthen the control of green printing products from the aspects of raw and auxiliary material control, production process, process planning, quality inspection, etc

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