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Start with denon/Tianlong professional fever headworn hifi monitoring headset ah

(1) this is the second Tianlong headset bought this year. The mm400 I bought before has already felt good. I can buy it directly this time with a discount. The front-end is poor now, but the effect is good. Continue to buy a good front-end next time

(2) The price is a little high. The metal parts of the ears on both sides of the head beam are a little oxidized. Just wipe it. Open the box. Moisture proof agent is transparent, small waste, too big beads are scattered all over the ground. I thought it was a special anti-counterfeiting method. Please don't misunderstand these are small things. The most important thing is that the effect of the headphones is really good. The balance line hasn't arrived yet. Plus the original 6.3 plug, so for the time being, listen with the second-generation line of Baya t5p. In addition, buy a headphone box

(3) look at the highlights. Big brands are different. The appearance is beautiful. The high-grade Tianlong power amplifier really deserves its reputation. The power amplifier has enough weight and many internal parts. The avr4400h is aimed at its high power and panoramic sound. Now it is equipped with two reflection boxes. The sound is very good. Later, it should be better to install two ceiling speakers. In the atmosphere of 7.1 channel in the living room, it feels good and very good. It's worth buying

small batch production can be achieved this year

the latest quotation for the double 11 of the next tmall

II. Functional features and detailed configuration:

Tianlong ah - such as internal and external lubricants 0.5~2.0. If the sheet metal is scratched carelessly, the d7200 functional features are as follows:

detailed configuration parameters:

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