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Start with vantage 16 liter gas water heater i12052

vantage home appliance brand. Many friends must know it better. I saw the 2019 new vantage gas water heater home I water gas dual regulating gas water heater 16 liter constant temperature forced exhaust evaluation recommendation on the website. I planted this water heater behind, and shared my feelings about using this water heater. I hope I can help my friends behind to choose reference

evaluation of the real use of vatti 16 liter gas water heater I:

this vatti 16 liter gas water heater I placed an order on the market. At the first sight of arrival, I felt that the texture of the water heater was good. After using it for a period of time, I felt that the water heater was very quiet, the hot water came very fast, the hot water was stable, it was used very well, it was good and cheap, and it was much cheaper than the physical store. Now, I am generally satisfied and friends in need, Please click here to see more friends' comments on advantages and disadvantages


this vatti 16 liter gas water heater I continues to carry out the promotion of "graphene +" action ship store in vatti tmall banner. The promotion price is ¥ 3699.00. At present, there are activities, and the pre-sale is 100 yuan, the deposit is reduced by 50 (click here to view the activity quotation). Friends who need it may wish to pay attention to it, and it is even better to start with activities

detailed configuration parameters:

more user comments:

1. After the installation master was installed, he made a special try. The appointment and instant heating mode are very convenient. At present, the hot water comes out quickly, and the choice is right. Because it won't be used immediately after it is installed, the master also specially covers it with an outer packing bag to avoid dust, which is very considerate

2. Baby received it. The logistics is very good and fast without any damage. I believe that the quality of big brands and affordable prices can improve the low-frequency small damping comprehensive resonance state caused by the coupling of mechanism resonance and hydraulic system. Vantage can buy everything in the kitchen. In short, very satisfied

3. Beautiful appearance and good quality. It should be adjusted or cleaned after installation. The installation master provided good service and explained how to use it after installation ~ zero cold water ~ there is no need to waste water anymore! Worth buying

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