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China accelerates the construction of power IOT and strives to build a world-class energy interconnection enterprise

"a popular understanding has achieved ubiquitous power IOT, which has stronger power reliability, better experience and intelligence for users, and faster and convenient management for power companies." A few days ago, the Wuhan ubiquitous power IOT Summit Forum jointly organized by Wuhan Economic and Information Bureau and Wuhan power supply company was held at China Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center. Zhang Hao, deputy general manager of the power supply company of Wuhan East Lake high tech Economic Development Zone, told the Yangtze River Business Daily that at present, all layers of State Grid have "moved", fatigue is similar to stress rupture, The 2019 construction plan of ubiquitous power IOT of State Grid Corporation of China has recently been issued to provincial companies. 27 of the 57 tasks will be carried out in 2019, mainly including the construction of power on applications, the construction of power distribution IOT, the construction of a new generation of dispatching automation system, etc., and efforts will be made to build this power IOT in early 2021

power IOT can save costs for enterprises

Robin, the head of Hubei Huazhong Power Technology Development Co., Ltd., told the Yangtze River Business Daily that in January 2019, State Grid Corporation of China established a new development strategy of building a "three types, two types and world-class" energy interconnection enterprise, and clearly proposed to initially build a world-class energy interconnection enterprise with global competitiveness by 2021. What is ubiquitous power IOT? Robin said that ubiquitous power IOT is "a smart service system with the characteristics of comprehensive state perception, efficient information processing, convenient and flexible application, which centers on all links of the power system, makes full use of new technologies such as big cloud mobile intelligence chain, and realizes the interconnection of everything and human-computer interaction in all links of the power system"

all regions actively build ubiquitous power IOT

Changjiang business daily found through the query data that the construction of ubiquitous power IOT is being planned and carried out in the form of projects and tasks by companies at all provincial levels of State Grid

for example, at the end of February, Shandong electric power company issued a work plan to promote the construction of ubiquitous power IOT with strong demand for membranes, implemented the three-year action of ubiquitous power IOT, and strive to establish a "Shandong model" of ubiquitous power IOT

on March 18, the action plan of Beijing electric power company on the construction of ubiquitous power IOT was released. The company comprehensively launched the construction of ten application projects of ubiquitous power IOT, focusing on creating accurate power supply services, carrying out smart energy housekeeper services, innovating the smart shared charging service mode of electric vehicles, building an intelligent power fire protection system based on ubiquitous power IOT and an intelligent disaster prevention and mitigation system based on multi-source information fusion, and deepening intelligent mobile office. 14. Sample selection: a group of sample results can be selected for effective experimental applications, Build a smart infrastructure system based on ubiquitous power IOT, build a modern (SMART) supply chain, build a "power on" platform and a multi-dimensional lean management system

on April 8, Shaanxi Electric Power Company of the people's Republic of China deliberated and approved the 2019 universal power IOT zipper express box construction work plan, which is not cheap. A total of 52 tasks are planned to be carried out, covering 6 aspects and 9 improvement directions of the construction outline of State Grid Corporation of China. Focusing on the construction of physical ID, the company carried out 11 tasks such as assigning codes and stickers to stock equipment to realize the ubiquitous IOT of electrical equipment

on April 24, the State Grid Shanghai electric power company released the phased achievements of the 5g innovative application of ubiquitous power IOT in Shanghai, and signed a 5g innovative application cooperation strategic agreement with China Mobile Communications Group Shanghai Co., Ltd., jointly unveiling the establishment of the 5g Communication Technology Application Laboratory of ubiquitous power IOT

on April 28, Wuhan 220 kV BOE substation was put into operation

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