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Shahe City plans new policies for the foreign trade and export of glass enterprises

at present, there are 38 enterprises with import and export performance in Shahe, and the city's cumulative export volume is 1218 as of February 2017. US $10000, down 9% from the same period last year. 55%。

at a recent symposium organized by Shahe municipal government, the top export enterprises in the city successively expressed their views on foreign trade transactions. Transformation is a general trend. From the perspective of glass foreign trade alone, the gap in the export volume of representative enterprises is relatively large. First, experience and the length of exposure to foreign trade affect it; 2. 10000-300000 parts can be produced every year. Some products are not easy to pack, and the export standard is high, which affects the receipt of orders; Third, there are few platforms. At present, the exports of enterprises are mainly domestic Canton Fair and foreign exhibitions, which are often costly and difficult to book booths; In addition, some domestic and international sites pay for cooperation, but it is found from practice that the conversion rate of achievements is getting lower and lower. Therefore, most enterprises want to participate in it but cannot continue to deepen it, which hinders the expansion of enterprises to the international market. In this regard, Shahe municipal government actively plans the development of cross-border e-commerce. At present, cross-border e-commerce is facing good development opportunities, and the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce has risen to the strategic level of national war aircraft cockpit glass. In order to speed up the development of cross-border e-commerce in our city and give full play to the important role of cross-border e-commerce in the development of foreign trade, we have carried out the planning of Shahe cross-border e-commerce in combination with reality:

(I) actively help enterprises build a platform for overseas exhibitions, so that enterprises can establish links with foreign markets

(II) strive to build an e-commerce trading platform for the glass industry. Relying on the existing professional platforms of the glass industry such as the glass vertical e-commerce trading platform of Yibo mall, we will strive to build new ones and help the enterprise operation platform to contact the city and foreign markets

(III) leading enterprises to create demonstration enterprises. Among the key industries and county characteristic industries in our city, we will select a number of enterprises with perfect business models, good development conditions and sound enterprise organization as key support objects, encourage enterprises to apply e-commerce for technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation, give play to the leading role of e-commerce leading enterprises, and strive to cultivate 1-3 provincial e-commerce demonstration enterprises in 2-3 years

(IV) build a foreign trade e-commerce station. Relying on the advantages of Shahe glass and products foreign trade transformation demonstration base, comprehensive foreign trade companies and foreign trade backbone enterprises, support enterprises to develop export-oriented e-commerce platforms, link with well-known foreign trade stations at home and abroad, display products, negotiate cooperation, carry out international trade and expand international markets

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