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FB-3300 s

newbotai company has launched a new axleless drive printer FB-3300 S. this printer is a new member of newbotai's family of printers with integrated axleless drive technology. The standard configuration of FB-3300 s shaftless drive printer is a shaftless drive feeder, shaftless drive printing platform, shaftless drive intermediate paper feeding stepping platform and shaftless die cutting unit. The new shaftless drive technology means that the printer can accurately print on thin film as thin as 0.001 inch to paper jam as thick as 0.010 inch. FB series models with shaftless drive technology are based on modular flexographic printing technology. Humanized and convenient configuration and drawer structure can enable packaging and printing enterprises to increase printing options suitable for their own needs at an affordable price. Superior printing quality and unparalleled expansion microspheres exhibited by the company have the characteristics of low density, light weight, good resilience and so on. The registration tolerance makes FB-3300 s shaftless drive printing machine become a highly price competitive high-value printing machine. The requirements of plastic calender production in terms of safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and so on continue to improve

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