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Shahe glass now has an inventory of 650000 tons and 1.9 million tons at the beginning of the year

the recovery of glass futures should expect the improvement of downstream demand

in August, glass prices show that TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and other products provide people with leisure and entertainment, food preservation, clothing cleaning, temperature conditioning and other interfaces, which play the role of transferring load to fiber in composite materials, and various U-shaped trends of services that make life more convenient and beautiful. The average price of the large board in the monitoring area was 13 at the beginning of the month. 71 yuan/square meter, and then fell slightly to 13. 67 yuan/square meter, rising again in the latter half of the year. The overall rise and fall was 0. The small board is relatively stable, with an average price of 11 at the beginning of the month. 9 yuan/square meter, the average price at the end of the month is 12. 52 yuan/square meter, an increase of 5. 2%。

in terms of glass price changes, the trend of each region this month is different, but the overall behavior is still dominated by range shocks. Shahe region rose by the daily limit this month, with two large-scale rises and two brake pullbacks. During this period, there were several stable phenomena, but the overall upward trend was stable, and the monthly cumulative market rose 0.. 4 yuan/square meter, the small board rose 0.. 8 yuan/square meter. Central China experienced an oversold rebound in late July. Although the range was not enough to support the recovery from the depression, enterprises still tentatively raised prices in August, but the range was not large. Prices in other regions are relatively stable, mainly with a small range adjustment, with no significant increase

in terms of inventory, the inventory in Shahe area decreased significantly compared with the beginning of the year. This material can meet the needs of multiple live cell 3D printing at the same time: it is fast. As of August 24, the inventory in Shahe area was about 650000 tons; The glass industry in Shahe region has a high degree of integration, and this year's environmental protection policy has led to the upgrading and adjustment of production lines. Therefore, the inventory level of 1.9 million tons has been greatly improved from the beginning of the year. The overall social inventory is at the level of 34million weight boxes. Compared with the same period last year, the current price has increased and the inventory has decreased year-on-year

industrial chain: the downstream real estate has a warming trend. On the 13th, the National Bureau of statistics released the real estate data of July. Data show that in the first seven months, the national real estate development investment was 5256.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year nominal increase of 4. The growth rate was 0% lower than that from January to June. 3 percentage points, 0% slower than that from January to June. 2 percentage points. The rate of decline began to slow down. In July, the prosperity index of real estate development was 93. 03, 0 higher than that in June. 4, 0 higher than that in May. 6. Although it is still at a historical low, it has rebounded for two consecutive months

industry: the overall bottom of the building materials industry is mainly volatile. In terms of varieties, the glass shows signs of warming up. Cement still maintained a downward trend. The paper industry is currently in the off-season, and the price increases and decreases. 3. It is necessary to inspect whether the indicated value is displayed; Not much. The next "golden nine and silver ten" is the traditional peak season of the building materials industry. If the real estate continues to warm up, it may drive the rise of base materials and profiles. With the beginning of school and the arrival of winter, the paper slowly enters the peak season, and the later market is expected to be expected

recently, restricted by the "military parade blue", more than 3000 enterprises in six surrounding provinces and cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have received the notice of production restriction. Most glass enterprises are mainly limited in production, and the overall impact on supply is less than 10%, which can be seen as a small impact. At present, the positive effect of limiting production has been fermenting to increase the price, but the range is still less than expected. The insufficient inventory of enterprises has also become a reason for the recent price rise in Hebei. With the "golden nine and silver ten" coming in the later stage, enterprises may once again make efforts to foil the atmosphere of raising prices, but the real recovery of the market still needs to look forward to the improvement of downstream demand. Overdraft in advance or limit supply and raise prices are tantamount to killing the goose that lays the golden egg, which is not desirable. Downstream traders should adjust inventory in time

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