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Shafer Klein and Warren evaluate tethered bridge inspection UAV prototype

shafer Klein and Warren evaluate tethered bridge inspection UAV prototype

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measurement and engineering service provider Shafer, klein&warren (skyw) announced that it has tested tethered UAV technology developed by Travis fields, an assistant professor of engineering at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC)

at UMKC, fields developed a temporarily patented UAV tether system with backup batteries; He talked about technology and its application at the Missouri Association of professional engineers - Western chapter meeting. Skw asked fields about the arrangement of using unmanned aerial vehicles for bridge inspection, and arranged for unmanned aerial vehicles to be tested and used in an inspection of skw - this is the first time in the United States to use tethered unmanned aerial vehicles for bridge inspection

Fields and John Kevin, an associate professor of civil and mechanical engineering, worked together on the composition and basic management of fatigue testing machines in ordinary use to develop a prototype of unmanned aerial vehicles, which was powered by gas generators, And capture the lens on the memory card while the video tape flows into the monitor and goggles. During the field test, fields operated the UAV, while skw engineers checked the real-time lens and provided direction and feedback according to their inspection experience and needs

during bridge inspection, the inspector must be within the arm length of each bridge structure to be inspected, which may involve the inspector using scaffolding, expansion ladders or wire bundles to reach some joints and bridge components

Gary stack, senior project manager of skw, said: using drones can allow us to reach the bridge without putting our personnel in a dangerous situation. It can also provide us with better digital information. Note: scientific research institutions please remit money in advance. We can keep it lubricated and flexible for future inspection

in addition to the tether and battery backup system developed by fields, tethered UAVs mainly include ready-made equipment, which solves several challenges in developing UAVs for this purpose

fields said: as long as you keep the gas in the generator, you can fly forever. The tether also keeps close, so if there is a problem, the tether will break, and you need oneortwo minutes of standby to land. In addition, because you are installed on the ground, the lanyard will let you leave the FAA where you are considered an aircraft

after the inspection, skw provided feedback to fields on camera refinement and adjustment to improve its ability to capture bridge degradation and corrosion required by inspectors

in addition to camera improvements, we are making some different improvements to the power system to significantly increase the payload, fields said. I hope we can come out again to test when skw is out next time

stack also said that he hoped this cooperation could continue because this technology has been improved

I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. fields to develop this technology, strake said. The weight of the fuselage is also significantly reduced by 10 (3) 0%. It will provide us with another tool in the toolbox to help our staff keep safe during the inspection. For us, safety is always our top priority

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