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2004 (Guangzhou) International Corrugated box packaging technology, equipment and materials exhibition

location: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

time: March 8-12, 2004

four advantages:

1. The market space is huge. The South China region of the Pearl River Delta centered in Guangzhou is the fastest growing region in China, and many enterprises have been the first in carton consumption

2. The industry has obvious advantages. Guangdong is the largest and powerful province in the corrugated box industry in China, so the output value of 15billion yuan can not be used. It is in the forefront of its peers in China and represents the advanced level of corrugated boxes in China

3. Exhibition hall advantages: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is the largest exhibition center in Asia and the second largest in the world, with 10200 international standard booths

4. With the advantage of radiation, Guangzhou has become a trade exchange center that drives South China, radiates the whole country and affects Southeast Asia

exhibition contents:

mechanical equipment:

(1) cardboard processing equipment: corrugated cardboard production line, single-sided corrugator, preheating wheel (device), base paper rack, gluing machine (pasting machine), dryer, double-sided machine, pre regulator, paper passing rack, Slitter, Crosscutter, paper receiving machine, stacker (paper receiving machine), thin knife Slitter indentation machine, trimming and pressing machine, infrared products, paper tension balance roller, heat transfer oil furnace Steam heating system, paste making machine (glue making station), variable frequency AC motor, three or five layer automatic switching machine, production management automation hardware, slitting and rewinding machine

(2) carton processing equipment: prepress equipment: plate making machine, engraving machine, proofing machine, solvent recovery machine, plate washing machine, plate printing machine and plate loading machine

printing equipment: printing slotting paste box linkage production line, printing slotting die-cutting machine, printing slotting machine, printing machine, slotting machine, circular die-cutting machine, circular flattening die-cutting machine, flat flattening die-cutting machine (indentation machine/line pressing machine), paper feeder (feeding machine), prepress machine, paper separation and line pressing machine, and wrinkle roller cleaning machine

post press equipment: box pasting machine (for corrugated), corner cutting machine, paper shredder, volume reduction compressor, compression baling machine, various measuring instruments, box nailing machine, box gluing machine, paper laminating machine (overlaying machine), strapping machine and finishing machine


(1) paper; (2) Plate; (3) Ink; (4) Die cutting and slotting cutter: flat die cutting cutter, circular die cutting cutter and slotting cutter; (5) Air cushion liner; (6) Knife plate liner; (7) Roller planks; (8) Packing belt; (9) Tear band; (10) Double sided tape; (11) Flat filament; (12) Bonding; (13) Additive (adhesive)

equipment spare parts: (1) cardboard processing equipment spare parts; (2) Carton processing equipment parts; Software; (1) Office software; (2) Production management system; (3) Box design software; (4) Automatic control system software

service: (1) plate printing (plate making); (2) Mold (mold making); (3) Technical training; (4) Planning and design of new plant

other equipment: for general flexible packaging, film, fiber, yarn, latex and other manufacturers' whole plant conveying system

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