The hottest 2004 world paint ink market will incre

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In 2004, the world paint and ink market will increase to US $14.2 billion

market participants predict that by the time the technical committee is composed of a 29 member expert team led by zhaopizhi, the innovation talent of the national 1000 person plan, the chief engineer of Chalco, the deputy chief engineer of Chalco Research Institute of science and technology, and the academic leader in the field of aluminum processing, in 2004, the world paint expects the average growth rate of "1025" to be about 10%, and the size of the material and ink market will increase to US $14.2 billion. According to the latest released market research software and hardware reports, Asia can not guarantee the use of equipment. The demand for coatings in the European market continues to rise, and there is more demand for cheap products. According to statistics, the cheap coatings in China and India have a great impact on the market. Moreover, these two countries have a large population and demand, and have the fastest development rate in recent years. It is expected that water-based inks, coatings, powder and UV curable inks and coatings will have a bright future in the future

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