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Dalian International Packaging Industry Exhibition 2004 is the only packaging industry exhibition in Dalian. Dalian international packaging industry exhibition has been successfully held for two times. The characteristics and advantages of this exhibition are:

1. With the east wind of "revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China", the number of exhibitors and visitors will rise sharply

as an open window in Northeast China and a distribution center for the production and circulation of various import and export products, Dalian attracts thousands of businessmen every year. This year, the central government made the decision to "revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China", which has sent a strong east wind to the economic take-off of Dalian. Thanks to the great preferential policies given by the central government to the northeast and Dalian, the development of Dalian has been concerned by economists all over the country and even the world, and has become a place for many people of insight. Many entrepreneurs, including packaging entrepreneurs, are eager to invest and develop in Dalian. This historical opportunity is not only cherished by enterprises producing packaging products, but also valued by customers using packaging products. Exhibitors and visitors all want to gain from the platform of Dalian, which will undoubtedly make the buyers and sellers of the exhibition more enthusiastic than ever

foreign packaging enterprises are also very optimistic about the market of Dalian, and they want to "enter" Dalian in the form of exhibition, so as to reasonably share the market share of Dalian packaging. In particular, some weaknesses of Dalian packaging are the target of foreign packaging enterprises

2. The participation of the packaging Association in organizing the exhibition makes the exhibition more professional, authoritative and effective, and provides a new display platform for packaging enterprises

previous packaging exhibitions in Dalian were held by professional chambers of Commerce. This year, as the management department of the packaging industry, Dalian Packaging Technology Association participated in the 2004 Dalian international packaging industry exhibition, which has obvious advantages: first, the scope of the exhibition was expanded, and the types of packaging participating in the exhibition were increased. In the past, most of the exhibitions were mainly equipment exhibitions (most of which were offset printing machines), but this exhibition involved more categories of the packaging industry, from upstream product packaging materials to packaging products and packaging machinery; The exhibitors include domestic and foreign packaging enterprises. The power required to change the fatigue testing machine by electro-hydraulic resonance is only 46. Second, the products participating in the exhibition are professional and authoritative. Exhibitors must be enterprises in the packaging industry, and non packaging printing products are not allowed to participate in the exhibition. Under the good opportunity that many customers are eager to become partners with packaging enterprises, packaging enterprises participating in the exhibition will undoubtedly have one more opportunity than those not participating in the exhibition, especially providing opportunities and selection conditions for foreign customers to find packaging enterprises

exhibition contents: paper, cardboard and other packaging materials; Handbags, paper barrels, cartons, cartons and other color printing packaging and decoration products; Plastic film, air cushion film, pearl cotton and other plastic packaging materials, plastic bags, woven bags, degradable bags, dairy packaging bags and other plastic packaging products and plastic machinery and equipment; Packaging and printing materials such as printing ink, anti-counterfeiting logo, self-adhesive, packing belt, etc; Sealing and labeling machine, die-cutting machine, printing and slotting machine, cardboard printing machine, slitting machine, hot stamping machine, polishing machine, offset printing machine and other printing equipment; Metal packaging materials, metal barrels, cans and other packaging equipment, bag making, cup making, box making, barrel making, box making, cover making and other container forming equipment

sponsor: China Council for the promotion of International Trade Dalian Branch Dalian Packaging Technology Association

co organizer: Beijing Municipal Packaging Association Shanghai Municipal Packaging Association Tianjin Municipal Packaging Association Chongqing Municipal Packaging Association

Liaoning Provincial Packaging Association Jilin Provincial Packaging Association Heilongjiang Provincial Packaging Association Shandong Provincial Packaging Association

testing experts will listen to your test objectives Hebei Provincial Packaging Association Zhejiang Provincial Packaging Association Shenzhen Municipal Packaging Association Wenzhou Municipal Packaging Association

Shenyang Municipal Packaging Association Changchun municipal Packaging Association Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region outsourcing Association Qingdao outsourcing Association

booth fee: domestic exhibition area: standard booth (3 × 3) 4800 yuan per square meter, indoor light floor

(starting rent of 36 square meters is 480 yuan/square meter), and the overseas exhibition area has another price

media support: China Packaging News includes gamma ray, ethylene oxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and steam. On February 10, 2004, the front page featured "Dalian International Packaging Industry Exhibition" and published flower advertisements, so that there will be advertisements for Dalian exhibition every month after it coincides with the main target

business information of India and Guangzhou, printing and packaging market, Huicong packaging and printing business, business information of Beichen printing, China packaging and printing, Shanghai printing mall, Dalian packaging, local newspaper advertisements, etc

if you are interested in participating in this exhibition, please contact Dalian Packaging Association as soon as possible, so as to arrange the booth reasonably according to the time sequence. Those who reserve booths before May 30 can enjoy preferential policies

address of Dalian Packaging Technology Association: No. 40, Minmin street, Xigang District, Dalian contact:

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contact: Ms. Du, Ms. Zhou, Mr. Liu

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