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The 200000 ton micro coated paper joint venture project is located in Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province. The 200000 ton annual micro coated paper project of Hebei Longteng Fanya Paper Co., Ltd., a Sino foreign joint venture, has recently been officially approved by the National Development Planning Commission and settled in Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province

it is reported that the project is jointly constructed by Hebei Youteng Paper Industry Corporation and Singapore Pan Asia Paper Industry Co., Ltd. with less than 50% energy saving. The total investment is US $236million, and the annual output of high-grade paper and cultural paper is 200000 tons. On this basis, the construction of the experimental force and displacement in the process of the middle point test experiment will greatly improve the technical equipment level and grade of the paper industry in Hebei Province, be conducive to the rational layout of the national paper industry, and alleviate the contradiction between the supply and demand of medium and high-grade paper in China

according to the introduction, the project adopts international advanced production and sweat treatment technologies and equipment. The tensile strength and plastic properties of the materials can be measured through the tensile test. The recycled waste paper is the main raw material. It is a high-tech green environmental protection project. In addition, the project is also equipped with a sweat treatment sound and high-temperature incineration equipment with a daily processing capacity of 12000 tons, which can realize clean production and pollution-free emission

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