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Classic style this style is characterized by Chinese and foreign classical style furniture, known pattern and calligraphy and painting display, and strive to achieve a simple and elegant quality and relaxed charm. When people's requirements for modern life are constantly met, there is a feeling of longing for tradition and cherishing traditional furniture with artistic value. Therefore, furniture with beautiful curves and flowing lines is often used as the furnishings of the room, coupled with decorative fabrics such as wallpapers and curtains of the same style, as well as jewelry cabinets with various traditional tableware and tea sets of appreciation value, adding a dignified atmosphere to the room

western classical style

this is a kind of classical style that pursues luxuriance and elegance. The main color of the room is white. The furniture is classical leggy style, and the doors and windows of the furniture are painted white. In order to reflect the gorgeous style, the velvet part of the furniture frame is decorated with gold thread and gold edge, and the patterns of wall paper, carpet, curtain, bedspread and curtain, as well as decorative paintings or objects are classical. This style is characterized by luxuriance and elegance. If residents don't want to spend too much, they might as well spend more time on the patterns of wallpaper, carpets, curtains and bedspreads, and strive to achieve the coordination of various decorations and decorations. If possible, you can also add some classical ornaments on the wall, such as yak heads, Western clocks, etc., which can make your room more elegant and beautiful

European and American style

European and American modern pursues a simple, lively, romantic, simple and abstract style. The combination of furniture with a strong sense of modern fashion is the main feature of this style. The bedspread and curtain are made of abstract pattern fabrics, the ground is paved with plain chemical fiber carpets, the room is illuminated by reflective lighting or local lighting, the wall is hung with metal frame abstract paintings or photographic works, and then paved with audio-visual equipment, flowers, etc. This style is characterized by simplicity, abstraction and lightness, and it mostly adopts combination furniture with a strong sense of modernity. The color is white or popular color, coupled with appropriate lighting and modern decorative appliances

Japanese style

the characteristic of this style is that it is suitable for rooms with small area, and its decoration is simple and elegant. It's best to install a "tatami" platform on the ground, and put a soft cushion on it to form a bed; Put a few seats and a Japanese style low table, and the curtains can be replaced by Japanese sliding doors with aleurone and paper. Hang a picture of ancient Chinese ladies on the wall, set a pot of Japanese style flower arrangement on the table, and then decorate it with a paper spherical lampshade, which is a Japanese style bedroom

popular art style

this style is characterized by paying attention to the use function, emphasizing the unity and abstraction of indoor space forms and objects, and usually using geometric elements (points, lines, surfaces, bodies, etc.) to combine furniture, so as to make people feel the simple and lively sense of the times and the beauty of pure abstraction. The same style is characterized by its pursuit of trendiness, strangeness and cheerfulness, and it usually introduces popular paintings, carvings, words, advertising paintings, cartoon shapes, modern lamps and lanterns into the room, such as applying strong colors to the indoor walls, painting art patterns, and painting architectural components with thick primary colors

modern maritime style

as a unique cultural style in Shanghai, it can be said that it has penetrated into every field, including the rich and powerful decoration of Shanghai style. Its most prominent feature is that it can achieve reasonable plane layout, make full use of space and compact overall design in a small residential area, so that the room decoration is both economical and practical, comfortable and beautiful. For example, the house adopts duplex design, the plane heights of each floor of the house intersect, and the furniture pays attention to the overall coordination and practicality, using mobile door cupboards, arc corner cupboards, multi-purpose furniture, etc




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