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Fabric sofa can be seen everywhere in daily life. But do you know that fabric sofa can be divided into many types? Among them, European fabric sofa is one of the fabric sofas. How much do you know about European fabric sofa? European fabric sofa is an irresistible attraction for people who like European and American trends. So, what is European fabric sofa? What are the brands of European fabric sofa? In order to facilitate you to better choose and buy your favorite sofa, I recommend several good European fabric sofa brands for your reference when choosing

I: what is European fabric sofa

1. What is European fabric sofa

European style cloth sofa, which is made of European style. European style householders are generally dominated by high-end European style cloth sofa, and complete supporting is another pursuit of European furniture. Fabric sofa has great potential in the market. Fabric sofa can make various styles and shapes. European sofa is synonymous with gorgeous temperament, and high-end European fabric sofa is a symbol of luxury temperament

2. What is the price of European fabric sofa

high end European style fabric sofa is expensive. If you buy genuine products in the market, the price is more than 10000 yuan, but different brands have different prices. In general, the price is not cheap. European furniture is synonymous with high-end and luxury, and is deeply loved by successful people

3. What are the sizes of European fabric sofa

European fabric sofa has different sizes, which are divided into several categories. Single seat European fabric sofa size: 760mm× 760mm, larger: 810mm× 810mm; Double seat European fabric sofa size: 1100mm to 1300mm. European style sofa has long style, two seats and single seat. In a word, European style cloth sofa with single seat is more common

II: what are the brands of European fabric sofa

1. Gujia furniture

gujia furniture, founded more than 20 years ago, specializes in the research, development, production and sales of furniture, and is committed to providing comfortable, environmental friendly and humanized furniture products for families around the world. The company has mattress, leisure sofa, functional sofa, soft bed and other product series, and its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world, with more than 2500 brand stores

2. Royal

was founded in 1987. As a high-end furniture, it is considered by the industry to be created with the soul of art. It has a strong productivity of mass design and customization, and has become a designated product of Beijing Foreign Service Bureau

3. Oufeng

a Chinese and foreign all-round enterprise, its sofa has a high reputation in the industry with exquisite workmanship and good quality

4. The production base of Dashin

is located in Shunde. It is famous in the market for providing high-quality and fashionable home furnishings. It has been working hard to enjoy the ultimate life with accurate market positioning and excellent artistic vision. From 2000 to 2010, he has been in the home furnishing industry for 10 years, which has achieved the position of big forest company in the home furnishing industry

5. Ouyaju

Jiangyin ouyaju company's brand is a well-known trademark in China, a well-known brand in China, and ranks among the top ten European fabric sofa brands

6. Fortune

a famous brand in Hong Kong, China, founded in 1988, is a large enterprise specializing in the production of furniture, and its enterprise strength is quite strong

how to clean European fabric sofa

1 Steam cleaning

simply speaking, use a steam engine for cleaning. This cleaning method is exquisite. If it is a leather sofa, you should first try whether it will fade, otherwise you need to change other cleaning methods

2. Dry bubble cleaning

some velvet sofas should not be stained with water, and special dry cleaning agents should be used. This can ensure that the sofa will not become moldy, will not affect the quality, and can ensure the service life of the sofa to the greatest extent

3. Water washing

some sofas can be disassembled and washed. The method of water washing is very simple, just put it into the washing machine. The water temperature is controlled below 60 ℃, which can ensure that the quality of the sofa is not affected

4. Regular dust collection

regular dust collection is very important. In addition to simple cleaning, when using vacuum cleaners, vigorous cleaning should be avoided

editor's summary: the above is the brand recommendation of European fabric sofa. In order to facilitate you to better purchase the sofa you want, I hope to help friends with this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future


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