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The design inspiration of Laoka wardrobe sarinin blue series products comes from sarinin's deep love for his wife and his lifelong commitment. The sarinen blue series is intended to make the "blue love" classic reappear in the contemporary era and achieve your blue love

without any precaution or concern, @ Li Chen @ Fan Bingbing posted a microblog like this:

"we", called love

when the flowers of love have opened, is the fruit of companionship still far away

"we" want to be together for a lifetime, which is not a myth, this is a commitment ~ see

sarinin blue ・ a lifetime

in northern Europe, there is a very famous classic love story of "blue love". It is said that a famous designer designed a set of "blue combination" suite furniture for his beloved wife, which witnessed his lifelong love with his wife and became a legend in the home furnishing industry. He is the famous designer sarinen, the founder of Nordic modern design school

the design inspiration of the series of sarinin Blue products in Laoka wardrobe comes from sarinin's deep love for his wife and his lifelong commitment. The series of sarinin blue aims to reproduce the classic of "blue love" in the contemporary era, achieve your blue love, create a happy home for you, and make you and your family bathe in the deep love of sarinin blue

sarinin blue series adopts pure imported crystal panels with sandalwood, which integrates decoration and process techniques, and is meticulous; The glittering metal handle is noble and elegant, emitting a faint artistic flavor. Gorgeous but not publicized, showing dignity and atmosphere

"we" want to be together for a lifetime, "we" have sarinin blue; If you love her, send her sarinin blue





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