Small lovers' simple decoration 46 flat rental hou

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Although it is a rental house, if it is a permanent residence, it can also be simply built, just as the owner in this example decorated the rental house. It is reported that this house is only 46 square meters, but after a lot of building, it has also become very warm and very suitable for little lovers

the watermelon red single sofa has a graceful and elegant shape, and the bright colors light up the whole small family decoration map, and highlight the unique beauty of this living room, creating a leisure reading area to make life more interesting. The carpet with animal skin pattern on the wooden floor has a strong personality and fashion flavor. The scattered decorations on the white background wall broke the regular monotony. Simple design creates a leisurely and comfortable living environment

the design of the kitchen restaurant is clean and fresh, and the refreshing space creates a comfortable dining atmosphere. In such an environment, you can enjoy the delicacies of delicacies. In your spare time, it is a very sweet thing for a couple to cook here and enjoy their own delicious food. The Roman roller shutter with green patterns radiates a small and fresh charm. The shelf on the wall is just right for storing spices and some commonly used tableware. The bright flowers on the table create a romantic style for the space and enhance the fun of life

if you are also a book lover like the owner of the house, you might as well try this design in the small family decoration drawing. On the premise of fully considering the weight of the wall, fix the shelves with multiple compartments to place the books in categories, which not only plays a decorative role, but also is very convenient to take and place. In addition, it is also very good to fix the hanging rod at the bottom of the shelf to hang clothes




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