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The marble mosaic well retains the unique ancient and simple color of the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic makes people place themselves in the space constructed by plain colors and excellent natural texture, and naturally forget the noise in reality, and taste the truth and simplicity in this space that blurs time

in recent years, marble mosaic has been widely used in home decoration and is deeply loved by everyone. Marble mosaic well preserves the unique simple color and feeling of stone, which can make people seem to be in a new space and forget the flashiness and noise in reality. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of marble mosaic and its mosaic

characteristics of marble mosaic

1. Innovative materials to meet more needs

common mosaic materials are: ceramic, glass, stone and metal mosaic. After modern technology, mosaic has been innovated in texture, including gold, shell, coconut shell, bamboo and wood mosaic. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are most widely used. Ceramic mosaics are made by spraying glaze after firing, and will never fade; Glass mosaic is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has the absolute advantage of zero water absorption. It is most suitable for decorating bathroom space, but its disadvantage is poor wear resistance. Mosaic of other materials is not widely used, but it can also enrich the spatial expression. Shell mosaic can be selected for the space with rich natural color; Distribute “ Zen ” Italian space can be decorated with bamboo mosaic

2. Various colors make a visual feast

mosaic has rich colors, which are not limited to bright colors such as bright blue, emerald green, brilliant yellow, tender pink and bright red, but also elegant and simple colors such as gray, beige and black, which can play a vital role in the color matching of mosaic

3. Small size and passion of design

the commonly used specifications of mosaic are 20mm × 20mm, 25mm × 25 mm, 50 mm × 50 mm, etc. now there are 10 mm as needed × 10mm. This small size is mainly used to spell murals and special patterns. Mosaics of the above sizes are mainly used in the market “ Couplet ” Sold as a unit, a couplet is a practical unit made by laying a certain number of single mosaics on paper. There are also some special uses, so that mosaic appeared 200 mm × 15 mm long strip shape, such mosaic is mainly used to make wall waist line. In addition, there are round, diamond, bone, triangle and hexagonal mosaics, which bring more possibilities for space decoration. The thickness of mosaic is generally 4 to 6 mm

4. Collage randomly and change spatial expression

combining mosaics of different colors, specifications and shapes can transform different spatial expressions. For example, on a plane, the transition of light and dark colors of the same color system, patterns made of different colors, and waist lines for ceramic tiles and other decorative materials are all successful applications of mosaic collage, The curved surface or corner of the room can give full play to the random advantages of mosaic collage. Inlay several highly textured mosaics on the stone surface, ceramic tile countertop or color paint wall surface, which can play a role of eyeballing

marble mosaic mosaic I

although marble mosaic has many advantages, we must also pay attention to it when selecting. First of all, when purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the particles are of the same specification and size, whether the edges of each small particle are neat, whether the single mosaic is placed on the horizontal ground to check whether it is flat, and whether there is too thick latex layer on the back of the single mosaic. We should also pay attention to the inspection of the water absorption of mosaics when purchasing. Drop water on the back of the mosaic. The quality of water dripping out is good, and the quality of water dripping down is poor

marble mosaic mosaic II

because of its small size, marble mosaic can be put together and designed as marble mosaic mosaic mosaic. Marble mosaic is mainly used for decoration of walls and floors. Due to its small unit area, various colors and infinite combination methods, mosaic can express the designer's modeling and design inspiration incisively and vividly, and fully display its unique artistic charm and personality

marble mosaic parquet III

marble mosaic parquet is widely used in places, such as hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment places, home walls and floors, art parquet, and so on. In home decoration, toilets and kitchens are the places where mosaics are used most. Because of its small size, we can use it in any narrow place, which is one of the reasons why it is widely used

mosaics of different materials also have their own advantages and disadvantages different from other mosaics. Ceramic mosaic is the most traditional kind of mosaic. It is famous for its small and exquisite, but it is monotonous and low-grade. Marble mosaic is a kind of mosaic developed in the medium term, which is rich and colorful, but its acid-base resistance and waterproof performance are poor, so it needs special attention in the place of use

marble mosaic mosaic mosaic IV

the cost price of marble mosaic is cheaper than others. At the same time, the radioactivity of marble mosaic is also very small, even smaller than glass and ceramic tiles. In terms of health, it is safer to use marble mosaic. Among them, beige and white marbles have low hardness and are easy to cut, while blue and green marbles have high hardness due to their metal elements, and are rare and expensive. While the materials of white marble, rosin yellow, hibiscus red, domestic big flower green and other varieties are not dense, fragile in cutting, and the degree of loss is large

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the characteristics of marble mosaic and marble mosaic mosaic mosaic mosaic. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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