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Over the years, oupai wooden door has always been committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise in China's wooden door industry, adhering to doubts, moving forward in innovation, subverting in leadership, and opening doors of happiness for more families in China

affected by the real estate industry this year, the building materials market generally responded to "recession". Before 2013, the building materials industry was at the peak of rapid development, and many enterprises had tasted the sweetness. With the further development of the industry, the profits of some enterprises tend to be stable, and those with poor management even begin to decline. This phenomenon makes many people mistakenly think that the market is beginning to decline, so there are always voices saying "the market is cold" and "the industry is in recession"

some enterprises began to transform the overall household, and some enterprises began to shrink in quality in order to maximize profits. In fact, any industry will move from a "development period" to a "mature period", which is marked by the industry's slow development and accelerated survival of the fittest. In such a big economic background, the balance in the hearts of consumers will gradually tend to those wooden door enterprises with high reputation and strong brand influence. In other words, the competition tone of the wooden door industry has gradually changed from simple product and price competition to comprehensive competition such as brand and culture

there is only the idea of off-season, and there is no off-season market. The more difficult the market is, the more opportunities there are. Now, oupai wooden door strives to consolidate its hegemony and vigorously explore the market. When others are still waiting, rush out first! With the business philosophy of "worry free consumption, honest consumption and transparent consumption", Oppai wooden door strictly controls the service quality from the three aspects of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, adopts wise and pragmatic strategies in service, establishes its own brand image, and dares not to slack off in service. Through "unconditional refund of deposit before production order", "three-year warranty, lifelong maintenance" and other measures, it transfers the purchase risk of consumers to achieve zero risk Zero addition

it is the unchanging goal and responsibility of Europa wooden door to enable more Chinese consumers to have environmentally friendly and fashionable high-quality wooden doors, present a very transparent and real price system for consumers, and deliver love and happiness to more consumers across the country




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