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The power transmission and distribution equipment industry urgently needs transformation and upgrading

the 11th APEC energy ministers' meeting was held in Beijing on September 2. Supporting the safe and efficient development of nuclear power has become the consensus of all participants. Therefore, strengthening the construction of infrastructure such as smart electricity has been put on the agenda, which will undoubtedly drive the rapid development of China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry

the service life of transmission and distribution equipment in China is generally 10 years and 15 years. China began to introduce outdoor power transmission and distribution and control equipment in the 1990s. So far, the early introduced equipment has been close to or beyond its service life. With the passage of time, the demand for upgrading will gradually increase

according to the industry report, the global power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry will continue to grow at a steady rate of 4% in the next five years. As China's smart power industry enters the stage of comprehensive construction, the standard experimental report of force value, displacement, stiffness, curve and other data can be printed. By 2015, the scale of China's transmission and distribution market will be close to 320billion yuan

industry barriers need to be broken

in recent years, China's transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing enterprises have continued to carry out technological upgrading, transforming from a single product supplier to a comprehensive solution service provider, and constantly extending from low-end products to high-end manufacturing. Many products have reached or even surpassed the world's advanced level. However, in the global transmission and distribution equipment market, Chinese transmission and distribution equipment enterprises are still suppressed by foreign industry leading enterprises. The fundamental reason is that the transmission and distribution industry in China has its own bottleneck

for example, due to the lack of standardized management of disorderly investment, leading to low-end manufacturing and overcapacity in China's manufacturing industry. According to the Research Report on the profit and investment value of China's power equipment industry in, released by Shangpu consulting, there is overcapacity in China's power equipment industry at present. Affected by international, domestic and market demand, this situation will not change in a short time. In the next few years, the power equipment industry will enter an era of low profits, and some uncompetitive enterprises may face reorganization, merger or acquisition during this period of time

there are still quality barriers in transmission and distribution equipment in China. The State Grid Corporation of China intensively announced the notification and handling measures for the bad behavior of transmission and distribution equipment suppliers. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the detailed rules for the implementation of the handling of bad behavior of suppliers, 22 suppliers with major problems such as product quality and dishonesty in performance were dealt with in the second batch of centralized bidding for the power transmission and transformation project of the State Power Corporation in 2014. Some are because there are major product quality problems that have a significant impact on the project, and some are because of dishonesty in performance of the contract, failure to deliver equipment in time and other problems, which are respectively subject to suspension of award of the contract or deduction of the total score of bid evaluation, and the integrity of the industry has also become a barrier. In addition, China's transmission and distribution enterprises also face barriers to economies of scale, capital, talents and qualifications

transformation and upgrading for development

if the transmission and distribution equipment industry wants to seize the opportunity for development, it must face the fierce market competition and break its own barriers for active industrial transformation and upgrading

the team researchers will then insert the reinforcement through the wedge into the concrete

to transform into a complete set of equipment supplier, it is necessary to realize the integration of primary equipment and secondary equipment, requiring the complete set of equipment supplier not only to have the ability of product research and development, production and manufacturing, but also to design the scheme according to the characteristics of the project object, develop the adaptability software and other services from front-end design to back-end maintenance

primary equipment can be expanded to secondary equipment through mergers and acquisitions. The power industry is a typical capital intensive industry symmetrical with the steel ladder axis. When entering the high growth stage and the industry transformation and upgrading, the demand for funds will increase, and the financing mode will become more important than ever. At present, the major acquisition and reorganization activities in the power industry are mostly led by state-owned enterprises, with the main purpose of obtaining resources and expanding market share. However, with the completion of the upgrading and transformation of the transmission network, the adjustment from scale expansion to structural optimization, the adjustment of asset layout and the adjustment of strategic direction are the focus of future mergers and acquisitions

after integration, it is necessary to change the development strategy from an enterprise based in China to a global enterprise. To become a global enterprise, we need to enhance our design capabilities, R & D capabilities and global network layout capabilities. From the perspective of the industry situation, the full line product suppliers are usually significantly larger than single product suppliers, and have more obvious advantages in the development of global expansion. Secondly, the investment of Chinese enterprises in research and development, project management, etc. 6. The experimental operators should cherish the instruments and equipment, check, scrub and maintain them frequently, and regularly clear the impurities in the oil tank. In addition, there is the transformation of the sales mode. Before, it was single machine sales, and then it was complete set and EPC sales. It has the nature of consulting, and the sales mode is completely different from before. At the same time, the global network layout needs international strategies and talents

industry experts said that at present, China's transmission and distribution equipment has entered a critical period of intelligent, integrated, complete and overseas transformation and upgrading

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