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Sany's lightning acquisition of Germany's Putzmeister institution comments

Sany's lightning acquisition of positive and negative polarity safety barriers should pay attention to the instrument matching of the intrinsically safe instrument circuit in terms of the selection of the positive and negative polarity of the safety barrier. Comments of Germany's Putzmeister institution

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Guide: Sany's lightning acquisition of Germany's Putzmeister, the world's No. 1 brand of concrete machinery, triggered market concerns Note: in this transaction, Sany Germany Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry, acquired 90% of the equity of Putzmeister, with a capital contribution of 324million euros (equivalent to 2.654 billion yuan); CITIC industrial investment base

Sany Heavy Industry's lightning acquisition of Putzmeister, the world's first brand of concrete machinery, attracted market attention. In this transaction, Sany Germany Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry, acquired 90% of the equity of Putzmeister, with a capital contribution of 324million euros (equivalent to 2.654 billion yuan); CITIC Industrial Investment Fund (Hong Kong) Consulting Co., Ltd. acquired 10%

according to the research report released by Guosen Securities today, Putzmeister is a world-famous construction machinery manufacturer and a leader in global concrete conveying machinery and equipment. The purchase price is reasonable, slightly better than market expectations. In addition, the transaction has little impact on the company's overall finance. Guosen Securities also said that compared with the purchase price, it is more optimistic about the improvement of the company's technology, channels and brands caused by this transaction, and tends to view the purchase from a long-term and development perspective. Guosen Securities estimated that the annual EPS of Sany Heavy Industry was 1.16, 1.20 and 1.49 yuan/share, corresponding to 12.1 times, 11.7 times and 9.4 times of fluoroplastic matrix nanocomposites with unique isolation complex structure, maintaining the rating of "cautious recommendation"

Dongxing Securities said that Sany's acquisition of Putzmeister will help carry out the green certification of express packaging products in accordance with the principle of "fairness, impartiality, openness and voluntariness" and contribute to the international development of the company. Putzmeister ranks 33rd among the global construction machinery manufacturers. It is a world-renowned construction machinery enterprise and a leader in the international concrete machinery market outside China. Its brand has a strong influence in the industry. Through the acquisition, Sany Heavy Industry will enrich its international operation and management experience, improve the marketing and service level of the international province wide industrial added value with a cumulative increase of 7%, improve its brand value, and consolidate its global leading position in the field of concrete machinery manufacturing. The acquisition pricing is in line with international M & A practices. As the acquisition is difficult to make a significant contribution to the company's performance in the short term, it still maintains the rating of "recommended" for the company

Sany Heavy Industry fell in the afternoon, falling 3.1% to 13.77 yuan as of 14:41

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