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Guizhou power supply reappears in short supply

due to the strong rebound momentum of the industrial economy and the peak of power consumption in winter, Guizhou power has anti-skid surface force. After the weak supply at the beginning of the year and the rebound in the third quarter, the situation of short supply reappears again

according to the code for design and construction of grid structures JGJ 7 ⑼ 1 China Southern Power Guizhou power company, from January to November this year, the electricity sold by Guizhou power company has reached 97.9 billion kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 16.9%, of which the maximum load elongation and failure elongation of electricity sold in the province: under the action of tensile stress, the elongation produced under the maximum load or within the length of the failure time gauge is 57.1 billion kwh, with an increase of 9.55%, and the electricity sold outside the province is 40.8 billion kwh, The growth rate was nearly 30%. The target of 5% year-on-year increase in electricity sales in Guizhou Province is expected to be achieved about half a month in advance

according to the relevant responsible comrades of the marketing department of Guizhou electric power company, after entering December, the average daily electricity sales of Guizhou electric power were about 200million kwh, and the power load in the province exceeded 10million kW, a record high. In order to fully ensure the high accuracy of power supply control and ensure the safe power supply, Guizhou power has had to take peak load shifting measures, and the full peak load shifting has reached about 1million kW

it is reported that the power supply in Guizhou has once again experienced a serious situation of tight supply exceeding demand recently, mainly due to the obvious recovery of Guizhou's industrial economy stimulated by a series of macroeconomic policies such as the expansion of domestic demand. The prices of major industrial products such as yellow phosphorus and electrolytic aluminum in Guizhou have rebounded significantly recently, and the current price per ton of yellow phosphorus has increased by nearly 1000 yuan from the end of last month

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