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Powerlink has become China's industrial Ethernet recommendation Standard

the Ethernet Powerlink communication code has been approved as China's national recommendation standard, which means that Powerlink, a real-time communication technology widely used worldwide, has been recognized and supported by Chinese officials and has become a national recommendation standard

on March 7, 2012, Ms. Sun Wei of the second Department of industry of the National Industrial Standards Commission announced that the "industrial regulations and specifications for Ethernet Powerlink communication" was approved as China's national recommended standard with the standard number of gb/t-27960, which means that Powerlink, a real-time communication technology widely used by many new material innovation and entrepreneurship teams in Shenzhen, has been recognized and supported by Chinese officials and recommended for use nationwide

Powerlink is an IEC industrial communication standard widely used in the world. It is an open source real-time Ethernet technology, which enables it to be applied by Chinese local enterprises without being subject to any country or enterprise. There are many domestic enterprises developing Powerlink products and applying this technology. Therefore, The National Standards Commission approved the project and assigned the formulation task of Powerlink recommended standards to the national industrial process measurement and Standardization Technical Committee, so as to standardize and recommend the technology in China

at present, in China, more than 80 local well-known enterprises in China, including CSR times, Sichuan Instrument Co., Ltd., Huichuan technology, Sany Heavy Industry, Zhenhua Port machinery, Nari and so on, have joined the Powerlink China user organization, involving transportation, heavy industry machinery, electricity, wind power generation. Improper use will cause the test sample to break at the fixture and lead to experimental failure. The operating procedures of electric and self hydraulic universal testing machines: automatic components, printing, packaging and many other industrial fields, Moreover, at present, more than 15 local enterprises have completed the development of available Powerlink interface products, including servo drive system, PLC, DCS, CNC and robot system. In 2011, it was officially put into use in the Powerlink testing and certification laboratory of Beijing Institute of instrumentation integrated technology (ITEI), which can provide consistency and interoperability testing and give product certification

Ms. Sun Wei said: Powerlink is an open source technology - which means that it will be a general technology that can provide any manufacturer who needs a real-time communication interface without royalties and licensing. It has a very positive significance for Chinese local enterprises to develop independent intellectual property automation components. The marine market has warmed up

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