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On November 9, the Jiangsu provincial government and the Shanxi provincial government signed a power transmission and receiving framework agreement in Nanjing to jointly develop the power supply project of Shanxi power transmission Jiangsu, opening a new chapter of energy cooperation between the two sides to be cautious, confident and firm. Huang Lixin, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and executive vice governor, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. Ma Qiulin, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, and Wang Yixin, vice governor of Shanxi Province, signed the agreement on behalf of Jiangsu and Shanxi respectively

in 2014, the National Energy Administration listed the ± 800 kV Yanhuai UHV DC transmission project in northern Shanxi and Jiangsu as one of the 12 key transmission channels to implement the action plan for air pollution prevention and control, which must be shut down when removing debris. After the joint efforts of all parties concerned, the history of using the cable fault tester is also long. The project was officially put into operation on June 30 this year, and its maximum transmission power reached 4.5 million KW this summer, providing a strong support for Jiangsu power to successfully meet the peak summer and meet the power demand of the whole province

in order to implement the national energy strategy, actively absorb external electricity in the region, and further standardize and improve the market-oriented trading mechanism for power transmission and reception, the Jiangsu provincial government and the Shanxi provincial government signed a framework agreement on power transmission and reception. According to the agreement, the two provinces support Jiangsu Guoxin group to hold the supporting power supply point of Yanhuai UHV DC, and jointly study and determine the supporting power supply scheme under the guidance of the national energy administration. The two sides jointly coordinate and promote some coal-fired power generation projects held by Jiangsu Guoxin group in Shanxi, and support Jiangsu Guoxin group holding company and Shanxi provincial enterprises to jointly develop and construct other supporting power supply projects. Yanhuai UHVDC arranges wind power, photovoltaic and other non-aqueous renewable energy power generation as far as possible, and participates in Jiangsu power peak shaving. The ground price of Yanhuai UHVDC is determined in a market-oriented manner with reference to the market price of power coal and other factors

Huang Lixin expressed the hope that Shanxi and Jiangsu provinces and all relevant parties will seriously implement the national energy strategy and deployment requirements, further strengthen the "transmission of electricity from Shanxi to Jiangsu" and energy strategic cooperation, improve clean energy supply, and support Jiangsu enterprises to invest and start businesses in Shanxi

it shows that its yield strength and tensile strength are higher than the predetermined value, and the reduction and elongation of section are within the tolerance range. Wang Yixin said that Shanxi will actively promote the construction of "power transmission from Shanxi to Jiangsu" and related projects in the next step, support the development of Jiangsu enterprises in Shanxi, further expand the fields of cooperation, improve the level of cooperation, and realize the complementary advantages and win-win cooperation between the two provinces in combination with the development needs and industrial characteristics of the two provinces

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