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Comments on the international crude oil spot market on Tuesday

the sensitivity of the high sulfur detector in the Middle East will drop on Tuesday, and the spot discount of Oman crude oil shipments has narrowed, but the market trend is still suppressed by the cold interest of Asian refiners

traders said that the trading price of crude oil shipments loaded in Oman in January was cents a barrel lower than the official selling price of the Ministry of oil and gas (MOG) in Oman, about 3 cents higher than the trading range on Monday. However, the increase was not taken seriously, as end users were not expected to enter the market until next week

a senior official of a Northeast Asian refinery said, "in the initial stage of trading, it has many significant advantages: none of the levels has real meaning."

due to the poor performance of fuel oil cracking spread in the Asian market, which prompted refiners to reduce processing volume, the demand for Oman, the most commonly traded spot crude oil in the Middle East, has also been light

a broker estimated that the price difference between Singapore 180CST fuel oil and Dubai crude oil was -15.06 US dollars per barrel in November and -14.77 US dollars per barrel in December. An official of the refinery said: "Oman crude oil is not the preferred crude oil for anyone, even for China." In addition, it is reported that Royal Dutch Shell insisted that the quotation of Murban crude oil cargo in January was +10 cents per barrel to the official price of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

it is said that the light and high sulfur crude oil has no firm bid price. Maybe the same test product is because potential buyers have been paying attention to the quotation of light and low sulfur Sokol crude oil, which comes from the Far East of Russia

it is said that Qatar Petroleum Company sold four ships of 600000 barrels of medium quality and high sulfur elsahin crude oil to Exxon Mobil through its quarterly tender in September, and one ship each to shell, Chevron and Thailand's state-owned oil refiner (PTT). Traders said that the bid price was -2.50/- 2.80 US dollars per barrel for the whole month of Dubai, which was consistent with the recent spot transactions. At 0930 GMT, the spot price of crude oil in Dubai fell 99 cents to 58 a barrel At $14, the January Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) will be delivered in recent months from Thursday. If it does not need to be used for months, its trading price is $60.62 per barrel

another broker quoted us $2.41 per barrel for Brent Dubai forward exchange (EFS) in January, unchanged from Monday. Meanwhile, the price difference between Tapis Brent crude oil rose 3 cents to $1.35 a barrel

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