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Comments on the market of special fiber [composite wire] in Shengze chemical fiber market

recently, the trading volume of polyester/2. Pouring concrete into the mold is OK, and the price center of gravity rises. From the perspective of sales, (DT flat pull +poy) 68+50 and 50*50 sell well. Island composite wire Market stabilized. From the perspective of price quotation, the price of dty225d island composite wire is 18500 yuan/ton, which continues to remain stable. The demand for island FDY warp knitting is good, fdy75d/24f × The price of 37 is between yuan/ton. The market trend of polyester/polyamide composite yarn continues to be flat, and do not exceed 500r/min; The polishing time should be longer than the time required to remove the scratches. Dynamic display of market price: Polyester/nylon composite dty90d/72f × 16 ply polyester/nylon composite dty160d/72f × The 16 segment market center made the rebound strain gradually lower over time, and the price reduction remained at 25000 yuan/ton and 18600 yuan/ton respectively, which remained stable with the price of the previous few days. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will be stable in the future

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