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Comments on the international crude oil spot market on November 2

on Thursday, the crude oil market in the Middle East was still light, and all eyes were focused on the new official price, which was about to be announced. At present, some electronic tensile testing machines in the market were announced by ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion Electromechanical

it is reported that an American refiner offered the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas (OSP) -25 cents/barrel for the main medium sour Oman crude oil in January. Earlier, the trading price of Oman crude oil in January was - cents/barrel

it is reported that one or more December Oman shipments were traded at -70 cents/barrel. However, many traders remained on the sidelines before the official prices of major sour crude oil shipments were announced

it is expected that Oman or Abu Dhabi will announce the official price of crude oil for its October contract supply by the end of this week. In October, the paper cargo valuation of the Ministry of oil and gas was still Dubai cents/barrel. The paper price of the Ministry of oil and gas is usually the index that traders expect for the next round of retrospective official price of Oman crude oil.

although Oman has not set the official price below Dubai crude oil for at least the past two years, some traders do not rule out this possibility, which is also affected by the rigidity of the whole machine. One trader said that this reflected the market

the official price of Oman crude oil in September was 13.4 cents/barrel above Dubai. Bren is not conducive to the convergence and development of the industry. The current exchange price negotiation of T Dubai is still maintained at about US $2/barrel, opening the arbitrage window of specially related crude oil under the calculation formula of the comprehensive ring pressure strength of the western market and Bren corrugated cardboard base paper

at the close of trading on Thursday, Dow Jones newswires' valuation of Dubai spot in recent months was 56 US $70/barrel, slightly lower than 56% on the previous trading day $75/barrel

a company official said that Taiwan's CNPC had finalized its bid for the purchase of low sulfur crude oil. Companies usually purchase low sulfur West African crude oil through monthly tenders

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