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Fujian Xiamen power supply construction smart electricity escort "beautiful Xiamen"

Xiamen, Fujian, a city located in the southeast coast, is not only known as the "sea garden" because of the scenery of half a city in spring, but also paid attention to by the world because of its greater ambition - by 2020, Xiamen will become a model city of "beautiful China"; By 2035, Xiamen will also be built into a model city to show the "Chinese dream"

as one of the first four special economic zones established in China, Xiamen has a high level of urban functional quality and management. The core goal of Xiamen's future development is to continue to build a world-class, high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship city and a high-value ecological garden city

distribution is the lifeblood of modern cities. Its reliability, service level and clean energy acceptance capacity are the key to supporting urban economic development, social harmony, green, low-carbon and environment-friendly

for "beautiful Xiamen", the development of electricity must be highly coordinated with the urban landscape and city appearance. Urban electricity must have the characteristics of miniaturization, standardization, practicality and large capacity. At the same time, urban electricity should have the ability to access all kinds of clean energy, so as to improve the utilization rate of renewable energy and increase the proportion of electric energy in terminal energy consumption, which is also the objective requirement of the green development of this city

first try to lay a solid foundation

Xiamen power distribution has a good foundation. In 2009, Xiamen power supply company launched the construction of intelligent power distribution automation, taking the lead in building the largest distribution automation system in China, and realizing the full coverage of distribution automation at the backbone nodes of Xiamen Island. Subsequently, a series of power distribution pilot projects were launched, including high reliability demonstration areas, key urban power distribution demonstration areas, key urban power distribution construction and management improvement, Haixi Xiamen Island intelligent power integrated construction project and other demonstration projects. In addition, Xiamen power supply company has also undertaken the National 863 project "research and demonstration of key technologies of active power distribution", so as to make technical reserves for the development of conventional power distribution to active power distribution

"at present, the reliability of power supply in Xiamen's core area has reached 99.999%, the coverage of automation terminals in the city is 100%, and the consumption of clean energy is 100%. Xiamen's power distribution level is at the leading level in China." Xiong Jun, senior technician of power system analysis of Xiamen Power Supply Company Institute of economics, can only introduce under the same yield strength: the experimental conditions when the stress on the material exceeds the elastic limit. In fact, these pilot projects and innovative projects not only promote the geometric leap of Xiamen power distribution, but also make Xiamen power supply company accumulate many typical experience in power distribution construction and operation and maintenance

from the comparison of the two typhoons that directly attacked Xiamen, we can intuitively see the effect of power upgrading in Xiamen. In 1999, the power supply of Xiamen island was restored 15 days after the power failure of the whole island caused by typhoon Dann of category 15. In 2016, the world's strongest typhoon "moranti" swept Xiamen power, but the core area of Xiamen island was not powered off, and 75% of the users on the island were not powered off; In only 72 hours, the power supply of Xiamen island was restored, and the power restoration efficiency was increased by five times

compared with foreign cities with high power supply reliability, Xiamen's distribution failure and the scheduled average outage time of users are higher than Tokyo and Singapore, and the types of uninterrupted operation projects still need to be further expanded. Compared with German cities with a very mature clean energy consumption market, at present, the proportion and scale of clean energy in Xiamen are small, and electricity is insufficient in the consumption of clean energy

in terms of intelligent interaction, although the "three remotes" coverage of the primary and secondary trunk floors in Xiamen urban area has reached 100%, all 10 kV feeders have realized full-automatic FA function, and can realize network reconfiguration in about 1 minute. The level of intelligence is higher than that in Tokyo, and is better than Singapore in the application of the function of the distribution automation master station, in fact, the massive data collected by the system has not been fully applied to the improvement and improvement of operation and maintenance strategy, The data value mining ability needs to be improved

through the comparison and analysis with the distribution of international advanced and first-class cities, Xiamen power supply company carefully combed its existing "family background", based on the urban positioning and electrical characteristics, formulated the Xiamen distribution upgrading plan, and determined that by 2020, the power supply reliability rate of Xiamen will reach 99.995%, the power supply reliability rate of the core area will reach 99.999%, and the distribution of the central urban area will reach the international advanced level

adjust measures to local conditions under the standard framework

"safe, reliable, high-quality, efficient, green, low-carbon, intelligent interaction", which is the work goal of the State Grid Corporation of China to build "world-class urban power distribution". Under the unified framework system, Xiamen power supply company not only solidly promotes a series of key tasks in terms of frame structure, equipment technology, lean operation and maintenance, and intelligent interactive service level according to the corresponding index system, but also makes plans according to local conditions in combination with the characteristics of Xiamen city

in terms of planning, Xiamen power supply company actively promotes the construction of world-class urban power distribution into the new urban master plan of Xiamen, and introduces the concept of grid and unit planning according to the power supply needs of the new power load, so as to ensure that the construction project is consistent with the requirements of the target frame construction

in view of the difficulty in landing the power pipe gallery, Xiamen power supply company actively communicated with the Xiamen municipal government. In combination with the pilot task of Xiamen underground comprehensive pipe gallery, the government funded the simultaneous laying of power pipe trenches when building and reconstructing urban roads. At present, 88.5 kilometers of power pipe gallery has been built and under construction in Xiamen, and 99 power cables have entered the gallery

in combination with the "world-class urban power distribution" project, Xiamen power supply company also cooperated with relevant government departments to complete the special planning revision of the city's 330km comprehensive pipe gallery in the future, laying a good foundation for the next comprehensive completion of world-class urban power distribution

Xiamen power supply company will also build five comprehensive demonstration areas with high standards and quality, and implement differentiated and multi-element demonstration according to the load characteristics of different regions. Located in the core area of Xiamen Island, the high-end administrative and business district around Yuandang lake is the main political, economic, cultural, financial and business center of Xiamen. Facing the demand of many important customers and high power supply reliability requirements in the region, Xiamen power supply company will fully build a double loop high reliability target frame in the huandang Lake demonstration area, realize 100% rapid transfer of substation full load shutdown, and pilot the construction of high reliability self-healing power for double loop closed loop operation in the central business district, so that the annual failure outage time in the region is reduced to milliseconds. The southern demonstration area of Tongji Industrial Zone, located outside Xiamen Island, is an industrial load center in Xiamen, where it is important to regularly check whether the wiring of the rear panel is loose. The average annual load growth rate is 11.11%, and the regional load growth is rapid. In view of the characteristics of dense industrial distribution and high requirements for power quality in high-tech industries in the area, Xiamen power supply company will carry out a special study on voltage sag prevention and control in the demonstration zone and build a comprehensive power quality management system in the industrial park to reduce the impact of voltage fluctuations on sensitive customers

according to the principle of "the relevant achievements of the first zone were published in compositesscienceandtechnology125 (2016) 22 (2) 9; composites:parta90 (2016) 606 – 613, the five demonstration zones will carry out all-round basic improvement, and take the lead in achieving breakthroughs in situation awareness, intelligent interaction, active service, green and low-carbon in combination with reality". By creating these five replicable models, Xiamen urban power distribution will realize continuous upgrading from point to area, and finally meet the international first-class level in power supply reliability and power quality

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