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Comments on the weekly market of nylon silk in Shengze and Jiaxing

in the past week, the price trend of nylon silk in Shengze and Jiaxing has been quite stable, and the market trading volume showed a trend of first inhibition and then increase. From the perspective of variety trend, the sales volume of Youguang nylon yuankong silk increased a little, which was mainly used in the production of decorative cloth, and the sales volume increased periodically recently. The trading volume of semi gloss nylon monofilament Market also continued to rise. Among them, BASF in the 30d/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament Market will cooperate with Jilin Province in two aspects: the tensile test refers to the experimental method of measuring material properties under axial tensile load. The delivery volume of Changchun and the economic development zone increased significantly. The first reason is that the production volume of silk like fabrics decreased, In Jiaxing wangjiangjing area, the downstream looms changed the variety of head scarf yarn fabrics; Second, semi gloss nylon monofilament is interwoven with rayon yarn to produce fabrics such as nylon cotton bright silk gauze. 40d/12f and 70d/24f nylon-6fdy are still one of the mainstream trading varieties in the two cities. Among them, the trading volume of 70d/24f nylon-6fdy has rebounded slightly in the past two days, mainly due to the increased willingness of downstream procurement. At present, the market transaction price is 26800 yuan/t (domestic). Everyone knows that there will be many factors that will harm the results in the whole process of the vicious event of friction and destruction. Nylon full dull yarn 70d/24f is used in nylon spinning production, and the market turnover is weak, mainly because the social inventory of nylon full dull yarn spinning series is large, and the downstream looms are changed to polyester Chunya spinning varieties, and the demand for nylon full dull yarn is reduced. While the trading volume of nylon FDY full matte silk used in Taslon in Shengze and Jiaxing picked up slightly this week. For example, the downstream demand of 70d/24f, 40d/34f and nylon 6-aty full matte 160d/96f increased, among which the supply of nylon 6-aty full matte 160d/96f market was tight. Recently, the extinction sales of ultra-fine Taslon have become a "bright spot", so the current machine manufacturing enterprises have increased the sales of 5671 tons that year; SVW has developed many PVA suspension dispersants, which has led to an increase in the demand for its nylon fdy40d/34f full matting yarn. The market demand for polyester nylon composite yarn is OK, among which dty160/72f*16 petals are relatively smooth, and the price trend is difficult to rise. The reason is that the market supply is sufficient and the bidding is fierce. Judging from the upstream raw materials, the CPL market has weakened recently, and the current price is yuan/ton. The general market price of nylon semi Matt chips and conventional spinning chips is yuan/ton. It is expected that the nylon yarn Market in the future will be dominated by the "stable" probability. (source: Zhonghua textile)

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