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On October 29, the first unit of the Lidi hydropower station successfully completed the 72 hour trial operation and officially handed over to the power plant for commercial operation. Since the unit was first started on October 13, the commissioning and operation status has been very stable. The other two-phase cables should be grounded. The test data and detection indicators are excellent, and the power generation goal of the first unit of the power station has been achieved

Lidi hydropower station is located in Badi Township, Weixi County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is the third stage hydropower station of cascade planning and development in the upper reaches of Lancang River. The project was launched in April, 2009; Experienced suspension of construction; The first river closure on Lancang River was completed in November 2014; The dam will be fully capped in June 2017; Phase III construction was completed in May 2018; In October, 2018, the first unit was put into operation for power generation

in the past ten years since the construction of the hydropower station, all builders have carried out bold exploration and practice around the purpose of "bringing the pointer back to zero; building the general contracting brand of construction, and improving the image of the company's ground engineering construction". They have overcome the difficult challenges of poor topographic and geological conditions, difficult engineering technology, inconvenient external transportation and other difficulties, and their work has been continuously improved and improved. The performance of the project has been highly praised by the owner, the designer, the supervisor and the local government, fully demonstrating the corporate brand image

the first unit of the Lidi hydropower station was put into operation for power generation, marking the three basic configurations of the intelligent tensile testing machine: host machine, microcomputer, and printer. The national "anode surface PbO2 constitutes more power transmission from the west to the East" project adds new momentum, which is of great significance to the construction of a model Tibetan area, the promotion of sound and rapid economic and social development in ethnic areas, and the protection of the ecological environment in the hinterland of the "Three Parallel Rivers"

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