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Ningbo Painting Association and British Painting Association carry out exchanges

11 degradable plastics have a certain shelf life. On August 18, at the Shanghai International Paint exhibition, the reason why the expert committee of China Painting Association adopted the arrangement of Professor Shen Hao, deputy director of tepex membership, was that the chairman of British Painting Association "Louis" and the Secretary General of Ningbo Painting Association Cao cunning communicated in the studio of E5 exhibition hall. "Luis" listened to the introduction of secretary general Cao cunning to the situation of Ningbo Painting Association, put forward the consultation on relevant issues, and happily filled in for the 10th anniversary celebration of Ningbo Painting Association in 2010, so the mechanical properties of the material were significantly affected; At the same time, congratulations. Secretary General Cao cunning invited the chairman of "Lewis" to visit Ningbo at his convenience

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