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Ningbo Xinzhi Biotechnology: scientific research has been stepped up to strive for domestic instruments to replace imports

recently, the roar of machines came from Ningbo Xinzhi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located on Hibiscus road in the high tech Zone. This enterprise, which covers an area of 16000 square meters, is undergoing expansion. "After the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, orders have increased one after another, and we are going to launch the Malaysian new project again." Zhou Zhenfang, chairman of Xinzhi biology, told the computer that two months ago, products such as automatic nucleic acid extractors and high-speed refrigerated centrifuges had been put into the market, and it was expected that the drug dissolution sampling system would also be put into operation in September this year

as a high-tech enterprise with a history of more than 30 years, Xinzhi biology mainly provides scientific instruments for universities, scientific research institutions and biomedical enterprises. Famous institutions such as China Academy of launch vehicle technology and Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center are customers of Xinzhi biology. Instruments produced by Xinzhi biology are used in laboratories of famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University

In 1989, Zhou Fang learned from an exchange that at that time, domestic life sciences were in urgent need of instruments in discipline construction, experimental teaching and other aspects, especially the instruments needed for ultrasonic cell crushing were all imported, and the price of an imported ultrasonic cell crushing instrument was as high as 50000 yuan. "The freeze-thaw method used for conventional cell fragmentation required repeated experiments. At that time, many scientists had to go to American laboratories to obtain better experimental results." Zhou Fang realized that the production of experimental instruments for the scientific field has broad market prospects and can provide basic support for China's life science research

just do what you say. Ningbo xinzhike Research Institute was established in 1989 with the development goal of "replacing imports with domestic instruments". With the only 3000 yuan in her hand, Zhou Fang borrowed an 18 square meter house and some testing instruments and equipment, and embarked on the R & D and manufacturing of biotechnology instruments with a five person R & D team. According to local conditions, with the help of the laboratory teachers of Zhejiang Ocean school, the enterprise has manually measured and drawn each part, and handed it to the lathe factory master to make and run it in manually. The first domestic electric glass homogenizer has been successfully developed

soon, China's first ultrasonic cell disruptor with fully independent intellectual property rights was also born in the "small workshop" of Xinzhi biology. This not only marks that China has broken the monopoly of foreign companies in the field of ultrasonic cell fragmentation, but also reduces the cost of purchasing similar instruments in domestic biological laboratories to one fifth of the original. According to statistics, since 2012, the ultrasonic cell crushing series instruments produced and sold by Xinzhi biology have exceeded 15000 sets, and the performance indicators of the instruments have maintained the international leading level

3ning has made explorations mainly in the following four aspects: 1. Optimize and upgrade the industrial structure. Relying on the accumulated scientific research strength of innovation again and again, Xinzhi biology has accumulated rich experience in the technical fields of ultrasonic cell crushing, extraction, dispersion, descaling, high-pressure homogenization and ultra-low temperature, freeze-drying, gene cell recombination, and has successively researched and developed biological sample pretreatment instruments, molecular biology instruments There are more than 180 products, including laboratory cleaning equipment, freeze-drying equipment, industrial scale prevention and removal equipment, fresh water resources algae removal and prevention and control equipment, of which more than 20 belong to the first set in China

at present, Xinzhi biology has set up R & D centers in Ningbo and Hangzhou, and has undertaken major scientific research projects of the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the national health and Family Planning Commission for many times. It is the national development and Reform Commission high-tech industrialization demonstration project center, the scientific instrument industrialization base, and the Ningbo Enterprise Engineering (Technology) center. Among them, the high-pressure gas gene gun developed by the company broke the monopoly of foreign technology in one fell swoop, filled the gap in domestic related fields, and won the second prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science and technology progress award

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