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Nokia launched network security management service for the digital age

the new security risk index evaluation service can analyze security vulnerabilities in mobile, IP and fixed networks, and provide performance improvement suggestions to operators

security management service can ensure that networks are free from all threat attacks, and can prevent, detect, respond to and recover against attacks

operators can provide security management services to enterprises through the white label mode

Nokia announced the launch of security risk indicator assessment service and security management service, aiming to deal with the increasingly rampant security threats in the telecommunications network. In the era of digital transformation, not only new services and virtualization have been brought to avoid the system of damaging relevant parts by deception, but also new security vulnerabilities have been exposed. The combination of these two services will take a unique and comprehensive measure to meet the security challenges faced by mobile, IP and fixed networks. In addition to meeting their own security needs, operators can also provide security management services to enterprises with their own brands through the white label mode, which will provide revenue potential for the rapidly growing market of enterprise security measurement process and speed up the time to market of products

the transmission of sensitive data in IOT, personal devices and social and business applications makes the network more complex, and the management pressure is also increasing day by day. Data security is increasingly important for operators. Nokia will adopt a unique and comprehensive measure. The first thing to do is to assess the security risks of operators in different security fields. It should not only benchmark with industry peers, but also provide 360 degree gap analysis and performance improvement suggestions. This is the core value of security risk index service

after the evaluation, the next step is the management service based on Nokia netguard software. The network security infrastructure, information management and monitoring system designed by Nokia experts aims to ensure that key information assets are fully protected from known and unknown threats, and ensure that operators comply with applicable security compliance standards and regulations

after meeting their own network security needs, operators can continue to provide security management services, or some of them, to their enterprise customers. With Nokia, operators can easily create new revenue sources and enhance customer loyalty through a portfolio of security services

Patrick Donegan, chief analyst of hardenstance, said: the strategic security partners that telecom operators need to promote the further development of the industry should have a deep understanding of the uniqueness of their network environment and the network threats faced by operators and their customers. Nokia's security risk index service and security management service have made important contributions to meeting the above challenges

Friedrich trawoeger, head of Nokia management services, said: operators must be prepared for security attacks. Operators need dynamic security management services to eliminate the possibility of storage and realize the historic Pentium from big to strong? In response to this threat, we have adopted a comprehensive security measure that covers risk assessment and the management and maintenance of customer security infrastructure. Undoubtedly, this is the best measure to defend against attack. In addition, the white label resale mode can also help our customers seize business opportunities in the field of network security

Nokia netguard is also used in Nokia's security services. This is a complete set of robust end-to-end software solutions that detect, prevent and mitigate network attacks by providing protection for traditional and cloud network architectures, as well as end users and IOT devices

Nokia security management service and security risk index service provide comprehensive support for Telecom security. Because modern networks are easier to develop and bear higher risks, it is very important to cover all security fields, including evaluating and protecting cross technology networks running in a multi vendor environment

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