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Ningbo Textile Enterprises "e-commerce for market" revitalized the textile and garment industry. Yesterday (27th), the 17th Ningbo International Garment Festival ended. This clothing festival has attracted more than 10000 domestic and foreign professional merchants and more than 100 important trade groups from more than 30 countries and regions, including Britain, the United States, Italy, France, and more than 20 provinces (cities) and autonomous regions across the country

Henry Bailey, the Royal handmade custom clothing brand in Saville street, UK, invited luxury high-end fabric company in the UK and mmslbv high-end shirt customization company in the Netherlands, which can choose from left and right. They formed a group to participate in the exhibition. In four days, they ordered more than 20 sets, each of which costs about 30000 yuan, and 18 companies came to purchase. Ms. phillpa, the Royal tailor of Prince Charles of England, and other tailors of Henry Bailey were too busy to even have a cup of coffee

in the face of fierce market competition and limited factor resources, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, takes e-commerce for market as a breakthrough, innovates the sales model, gets rid of the dependence of the traditional development mode on land, energy, environment, etc., and promotes the upgrading and development of the textile and clothing industry

textile and clothing is a traditional advantageous industry in Ningbo. After more than 30 years of development, Ningbo has formed a relatively complete textile and clothing industry chain covering the upper, middle and lower reaches of cotton and wool textile, silk, hemp textile, home textile, machinery and so on. It is China's largest clothing manufacturing base, the largest clothing accessories production base, the largest color spinning production base, the largest knitting production base, the largest jacquard weaving base, and an important cord fabric and recycled fiber production base, At present, there are nearly 3000 garment production enterprises, with an annual output of nearly 1.5 billion pieces of clothing, accounting for about 12% of the total national garment output

in recent years, due to the constraints of land, energy, environment and other factors, especially the impact of the international financial crisis, the growth rate of Ningbo Textile and clothing industry once slowed down, which was highlighted by the reduction of market share and low added value of products

the rapid development of Internet has greatly inspired the textile and clothing industry in Ningbo, and textile and clothing has also become the first industry in Ningbo to get an electric shock. Nowadays, more and more textile and garment enterprises use Internet technology to obtain business and technical information, while trying to develop e-commerce, using e-commerce to open up a Xintiandi of market sales. E-commerce for market has become a strong supplement to the traditional physical store sales of Ningbo Textile and garment enterprises

October 1 model: Wes ⑶ 00b7, Ningbo soma Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. publicly recruited professionals who are familiar with e-commerce. They are required to have more than 3 years of working experience in e-commerce operation and management, and be familiar with the specific operation planning and various payment means of Taobao Mall. This is the latest enterprise in Ningbo to enter the field of e-commerce

unlike soma, Ningbo Boyang, GXG, taipingniao and other famous clothing enterprises have many years of e-commerce experience. At present, they are gearing up for the upcoming double 11 feast. Last year's double 11, these companies made a lot of money. The clothing and home textile brands of Boyang group set a record of 120million yuan in sales in one day. In 2012, Boyang's annual sales reached 1.52 billion yuan, GXG's 280million yuan and taipingniao's 240million yuan

the rapid development of e-commerce in Ningbo Textile and clothing enterprises is inseparable from the guidance and support of the local government. In recent years, Ningbo has vigorously promoted the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, and encouraged enterprises to enter the field of e-commerce and explore the market. The "Interim Measures for the administration of special support funds for e-commerce in Ningbo" issued in July this year stipulates that the annual budget of Ningbo municipal finance arranges a special support fund for e-commerce of 10million yuan for the application and development of e-commerce, and qualified local e-commerce enterprises can receive a subsidy of up to 600000 yuan. In addition, with the help of the clothing Expo held every year, the first e-commerce application summit of the clothing industry in China was held, and famous e-commerce companies such as Taobao and Alibaba were invited to communicate with local clothing enterprises, which greatly promoted the development of e-commerce of Ningbo clothing enterprises

e-commerce brings more than visible sales to Ningbo garment enterprises. Linyunhua, director of the president's office of Boyang group, said that e-commerce allows us to obtain market information in time, which helps us to conduct in-depth tracking and analysis of the market and brand, and then combine it with offline sales to carry out precision marketing

the relevant person in charge of Ningbo Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that Ningbo encourages and promotes the textile and garment industry to realize the innovation of marketing mode with the help of e-commerce, so as to drive the industrial upgrading and development, and strive to make the digital display that can't be passed on now basically eliminated, so as to unify the advantageous industries and walk out of a new road with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits and low resource consumption

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