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Nordic chemical acquires Austrian plastic recycling company

Nordic chemical acquires Austrian plastic recycling company

July 19, 2018

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polyolefin producer Nordic chemical has signed an agreement on acquiring all shares of Austrian plastic recycling company ecoplast kunststoffrecycling GmbH. This transaction requires regulatory approval

two years ago, Nordic chemical entered the recycling industry and acquired the German plastic recycling company MTM pl. as long as you believe in our astics GmbH and its sister company MTM compact GmbH

a few weeks ago, Nordic chemical announced that it would invest 15million euros and 2.5 million euros respectively in MTM plastics and MTM compact, aiming to improve the processing capacity of these two factories no matter how many dishes they buy

ecoplast, headquartered in Wilton, Austria, processes about 350000 tons of post consumer waste plastics from household and industrial consumer goods every year and converts them into high-quality LDPE and HDPE recycled materials, mainly but not limited to the plastic film market. Although MTM focuses on strict injection molding solutions, ecoplast's core competitiveness is to recycle highly polluting PC waste and convert it into products suitable for film production

Alfred stern, CEO of Beishi fast time slow Europe chemical, said that the acquisition of ecoplast was the next step for Nordic chemical to expand its machinery recycling capacity, and described the company as "an important supplement to MTM"

Nordic chemical industry has regarded the circular economy of polyolefins as a substantive issue and one of the three key areas of sustainable development strategy. The company's strategy to promote production, development and utilization assessment is to become a leader in mechanical recycling technology, improve the recovery rate in this way, and actively promote the recycling of polyolefins

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