All the most popular restaurants will hang smiling

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All restaurants will hang "smiling faces" to identify their health conditions according to the degree of smile

laughing, smiling, flat face... Citizens will be able to identify their health conditions by the degree of smile of the "smiling faces" hung in a prominent position of the restaurant when eating out. Yesterday, it was learned from the municipal health supervision institute that eight types of catering institutions, such as large restaurants and restaurants in scenic spots, will implement the "smiling face publicity system", which will gradually cover snack bars in the future

at present, there are about 63000 catering institutions in the city, which will accept the food safety rating of catering services. The newly implemented dynamic level is the evaluation of the supervision and inspection results of the food safety management of catering service units by the regulatory authorities. It is divided into three levels: excellent, good and general, which are represented by three cartoon images: laughter, smile and flat face

the dynamic level includes license management, personnel management and site environment, with a total of 30 points. Among them, there are transfer, alteration, lending, reselling, and 19. The host size: 1000*680*2450mm; Behaviors such as renting licenses, operating beyond the period of validity, and whether to arrange personnel suffering from food safety diseases to engage in and contact with the enterprise to directly import food are key inspection contents. Once unqualified, 2 points will be deducted. If the score is less than 6, or if more than 2 (including) key items do not meet the requirements, it shall be marked "rectification in progress" on the bulletin board

it is understood that the city has completed the quantitative supervision of school canteens in urban areas, group meal distribution units, central kitchens, canteens of organs and enterprises and institutions with more than 500 people, and carried out intuitive prompt level management of failures; By the end of November, we will complete the hierarchical management of large-scale and above meals "when the time is ripe, restaurants, catering chain enterprises, and catering service units in scenic spots

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