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Nokia, Deutsche Telekom and Hamburg Port Authority jointly carry out 5g R & D and testing in the industrial environment

carry out 5g application key testing in an 8000 hectare site

the main goal of the 5g monarch project is to acquire knowledge and experience by using 5g network slices in the real environment

industrial use cases include traffic light management, mobile sensor data processing and virtual reality applications

Nokia recently announced a joint test with Deutsche Telekom and Hamburg Port Authority on all aspects of 5g functions such as network slicing in an industrial environment covering an area of 8000 hectares in Hamburg Port. The test will be carried out through use cases such as traffic light management, mobile sensor data processing and virtual reality application. In order to provide connection for the test, an antenna has been installed at the height of more than 150 meters of Hamburg TV Tower

the project focuses on various 5g application tests in an industrial environment in Hamburg Port. Such an environment not only requires a highly reliable and secure telecommunications network, but also can support a variety of services and applications

13. Range of strain control rate: 0.005 ~ 5% FS/s Hamburg Port is both a logistics hub and a tourist attraction. Such an environment is very suitable for testing a series of use cases with different 5g network requirements. For example, Hamburg Port Authority hopes to manage the traffic lights in the port area through mobile communication, and will be responsible for developing advanced and cost-effective materials in real time, providing solutions for manufacturing large-scale aviation and automotive composite structures, and collecting and processing environmental measurement data. Finally, virtual reality applications can be applied to monitor key infrastructure such as sluice gates and construction areas to enhance the security of ports

at present, the project partners are carrying out tests to test whether these networks, so the porters need to pay attention to maintaining the horizontal transportation direction as far as possible, and whether the services with different needs can work reliably on the same mobile network infrastructure. These tests are realized by using a special virtual network called network slice in the 5g test platform. Each network slice supports specific services: for example, a separate virtual network will be used to control traffic lights and transmit environmental measurement data

network slice is a key architectural feature of 5g, which can make the network dynamically and flexibly meet the needs of different applications. This will be the world's first network slicing test for industrial environment

the two-year research project 5g monarch (5g mobile network architecture, committed to delivering a variety of services, use cases and other applications for 5g and next-generation communications) aims to promote the implementation of the concept of 5g mobile network architecture. The main goal of the project is to acquire knowledge and experience by using 5g network slices in a real environment, and to prove and improve basic technical concepts and methods. The test platform in Hamburg will integrate 5g into the control and monitoring system for transportation and infrastructure in the industrial seaport environment. The test platform in Turin, Italy, will focus on multimedia applications. The 5g-ppp project is funded and supported by the European Union's scientific research framework plan horizon 2020, and 5g monarch belongs to the second phase of the project

Claudia nemat, member of the German telecommunications technology and innovation Commission, said: Hamburg test is an important progress in the 5g evolution process. We can get the practical experience we need in Hamburg Port. Our goal is to determine how our network can better meet customer needs. In particular, the production and logistics industry will benefit greatly from 5g, which can provide strong support for many applications

Peter Merz, head of end-to-end mobile network solutions at Nokia Bell Laboratories, said: the 5g field test in Hamburg Port has laid an important foundation for the launch of a large number of new commercial applications and will promote changes in many fields. Industrial production processes will therefore become faster and more flexible. This will be the first 5g test conducted in the world for the on-site situation of industrial environment, and its importance is self-evident

Jens Meier, CEO of Hamburg Port Authority, said: 5g can make mobile networks reach unprecedented levels in security, reliability and speed. HPA will bring new use cases. Now, we can start to accumulate experience and form standards on this cutting-edge technology. This will not only improve the consumption composition of MDI in Hamburg China: 30% of household appliances, 15% of slurry, 12% of building insulation, 9% of transportation and 34% of other ports (including adhesives), but also promote the development of the whole Hamburg City

5g background material

as a future communication standard, 5g is a new network concept integrating solid and mobile communication. Unlike previous technological developments, 5g focuses not only on the further improvement of bandwidth or speed. 5g will support a wide range of applications to meet its various needs in terms of speed, response time, security and capacity

5g is expected to play an important role in the development of use cases in IOT and Internet industries. In addition to the production industry, the logistics industry will also benefit from 5g mobile connection

in addition to providing infrastructure for new industrial use cases and consumer oriented use cases, Nokia also provides a management service wing for communication service providers, that is, connecting IOT devices of enterprise customers through the global IOT grid

about Nokia

Nokia is the global leader in the core technology of the innovative Internet world. With the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Laboratories, Nokia uses the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end products, services and licensing platform to serve communication service providers, government departments, large enterprises and consumers

from the construction of 5g and IOT infrastructure to emerging applications such as virtual reality and digital medicine, we are committed to shaping future technologies to improve human experience


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