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From next year, the maximum prize for reporting illegal papermaking environment in Chongqing is 5000 yuan

release date: Source: Chongqing

on July 3, it was learned from the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of ecological environment that the "Chongqing measures for reporting violations of ecological environment with awards (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be officially implemented from January 1 next year. The development of the new material industry has 10 broad market prospects. It aims to report violations of the city's seven categories of environment with awards, focusing on the development of innovative design capabilities, international development trends Discuss the future development trend of industries such as cutting-edge technology, market demand and policy guidance, strictly investigate and crack down on environmental violations, encourage public participation, and strengthen social supervision

the measures stipulates that those who report one of the following seven categories of environmental violations will be given a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 5000 rewards according to the whistleblower's willingness to reward within 15 working days after being verified by the ecological and environmental department and making an effective administrative punishment decision according to law

new construction projects unrelated to water supply facilities and protection of water sources are built, reconstructed or expanded in the primary protection zone of drinking water sources, or new construction projects that discharge pollutants are built, reconstructed or expanded in the secondary protection zone of drinking water sources; The construction unit of the construction projects of papermaking, tanning, printing and dyeing, electroplating, pesticides, cement, glass and steel fails to submit the environmental impact statement of the construction project for approval according to law, starts the construction without authorization, or the environmental protection facilities that need to be built have not been completed, have not been accepted or have not been accepted, and the construction project is put into production or used in these aspects; Discharging sewage and sludge with excessive contents of heavy metals or other toxic and harmful substances into agricultural land; Without a license or failing to engage in the collection, storage, utilization and disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with the provisions of the license, or dumping or stacking hazardous waste without authorization; Discharging water pollutants by means of seepage wells, seepage, especially pits, fissures and karst caves of some technological enterprises, privately setting concealed pipes, tampering with or falsifying monitoring data, or abnormal operation of water pollution prevention and control facilities to escape supervision; Discharging air pollutants by secretly discharging or falsifying or falsifying monitoring data, opening emergency discharge channels in non emergency situations, abnormal operation of air pollution prevention and control facilities and other ways to escape supervision; Other specific cases of award-winning reporting stipulated by environmental protection laws and regulations

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