In fact, how long is the service life of mechanica

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In fact, how long is the service life of the mechanical watch

in fact, how long is the service life of the mechanical watch

when buying a watch cabinet to introduce you to the mechanical watch, I believe I will also talk to you about the use of "1035" to develop the planned life of the watch. Now basically, all brands and professional media are exaggerating the eternal value of mechanical watches, giving many consumers a vague understanding: as long as the mechanical watches are kept in rainy season, they should pay more attention to wiping and keeping them well, and they can be used as heirlooms from generation to generation, with a service life of up to 100 years. Is this right? In fact, how long is the service life of the mechanical watch

generally, the service life of mechanical watches is about years, while the service life of mechanical watches made by some well-known Swiss watch brands can reach decades. As for those pocket watches that can be preserved for hundreds of years, most of them are expensive high-end pocket watches. First of all, the size of the pocket watch is much larger than the size of the watch, and the movement parts are much stronger than the parts of the watch. Secondly, high-end pocket watches will not often accept the collision in life, and some of them are not even used as collections. With the maintenance of professionals, the service life will be relatively prolonged

the service life of high-end watches can be up to decades, but usually the parts of high-end watches have been seriously worn after 30 or 40 years of wearing, and they need regular maintenance and replacement of parts. In fact, the service life is also close to the end. Those who say that this mechanical watch can be preserved for more than a hundred years are basically theoretical data. It can only happen if you don't wear it everyday and carefully keep it away. Just like the waterproof 30 meter watch, it is the data tested in the standard environment of the laboratory, not that it can actually be waterproof 30 meters

the service life of mechanical watches is generally much longer than that of quartz watches. This is due to the internal operation structure of mechanical watches and quartz watches. The mechanical watch is mainly powered by the movement of the escapement speed regulation mechanism system of the watch. If the signal is 16V, the maximum current actually provided by this gear is 30/16=1.875a. The quartz watch is mainly powered by the battery, and the battery should be replaced once a year. When it is close to the life limit after about ten years of use, the amplitude of quartz will decrease, and there will be serious errors in travel time

pay attention to the maintenance of watches in daily use. You should know that even the best quality watches, if the maintenance is not in place, it will also reduce its service life

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