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Desk calendar and calendar chargeback enterprises can also be very good

they used to be soft on orders, but now they want to cry when collecting chargebacks. The central government has banned the rise of calendar chargebacks. The era of enterprises making money from public consumption is over

As the main body of market economy, enterprises are not only in a rapidly changing economic environment, but also in a complex and volatile political environment. They should have a keen sense of rectification and pay attention to the changes in the political environment in order to seek long-term sustainable development. The campaign to rectify the "four ethos" has been carried out for some time, and the style change of Party members and cadres has also taken on a new look. Enterprises should pay attention to this change and adapt to this change from relying too much on public funds to civilians, so as to achieve sustainable development

in fact, not all enterprises fell miserably in the case of such a reduction in public order. Some wise and prescient businessmen anticipated this change and took the initiative to transform without much impact. For example, linhongnuan, the business manager of Cangnan Kaifeng paper and plastic products Co., Ltd., said that since the central government issued the eight regulations last year, he has realized that enterprises can no longer rely too much on public funds for consumption, so the vast majority of orders he dug this year were private enterprises

under the condition that the role of public consumption in stimulating the economy is becoming smaller and smaller, the majority of business entities should realize that this is the inevitable development trend of China's political system reform in the future and the future direction of the development of China's political system environment. As important market players, they should know later and take the initiative to seek survival and development through transformation. It can be turned to lead. The production of the industry in recent 2015 will be compared with the changes of the old and new standards. For example, some enterprises have planned to switch to other products, such as printing and packaging boxes, packaging paper, handbags; We can also actively explore foreign markets and strive to expand exports

as Lin hongnuan said, after all, the Taiwan calendar is China's traditional culture, and there are still people's needs, so this industry will not disappear, but enterprises do need to transform. The production object of the enterprise also faces more general consumers, so it is necessary to carry out necessary innovation in product design and marketing means. In terms of product design, it is not unchanging, but more people-friendly, More prominent "At present, it is also a challenge for enterprises to show personalization; in terms of marketing means, we can actively develop network sales channels and obtain more profits through small profits and quick turnover.

in the long run, the reduction of public funds orders is not only a challenge to enterprises, but also an incentive for enterprises to seek development through transformation, but also an inevitable requirement of a market economy with fair competition. Under the conditions of socialist market economy, enterprises As an independent market subject, we should strive for survival by innovation and diversification, seek a broader market, and meet the growing material and cultural needs of the people to highlight the society of enterprises and realize the social value of enterprises

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