In July before the fire, Guangdong imported 4.97 m

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In the first July, Guangdong imported 497000 tons of pulp, an increase of 11.3%

it was learned from Shenzhen customs that the import of pulp in Guangdong Province has increased in volume and decreased in price since this year. According to statistics, in January this year, Guangdong Province imported 497000 tons of pulp, an increase of 11.3% over the same period last year; The value was US $220million, down 27.6%; The average import price was US $451 per ton, down 35%

it is understood that the monthly import volume of pulp in Guangdong Province this year fell back in July after hitting a new high since last year in June, with an import of 84000 tons, a slight increase of 5.9% year-on-year and a decrease of 20.1% month on month. The average import price in July was US $448.9 per ton, which reversed the declining trend of the month in June, and increased slightly by 2.5% on the basis of a month on month increase of 1.1%, but it was still 20.3% lower than the lowest price of 563.5 yuan last year

the statistical data drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology from Shenzhen Customs shows that foreign-invested enterprises have become the main force of pulp import, while the pulp import of private enterprises has decreased significantly. In June, foreign-invested enterprises in Guangdong Province imported 427000 tons of pulp, an increase of 19.4%, 8.1 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate, accounting for 85.9%; Private enterprises imported 43000 tons of pulp, down 33.7%; State owned enterprises imported 21000 tons, an increase of 16.7%. Among the import sources, Brazil has become the largest import source, with imports from Canada growing rapidly and imports from ASEAN declining significantly

In September, Guangdong Province imported 131000 tons from Brazil, a surge of 93.1%, accounting for 26.4%, replacing ASEAN as the largest source of pulp imports in Guangdong Province; More importantly, the reliability of the material itself under long-term service conditions was evaluated. 1pvc and CPE imported from Canada were 17000 tons produced by Qingdao Haijing Chemical Group Co., Ltd., an increase of 16.4%; Imports from ASEAN were 88000 tons, down 12.5%, and the proportion fell to 17.7% from 22.6% in the same period last year. In addition, imports from the European Union were 52000 tons, a sharp increase of 4.4 times, and imports from the United States were 34000 tons, a sharp decrease of 58.4%

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