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Seoul semiconductor launched a "patent war" and issued an infringement warning to 29 enterprises

South Korean led factory Seoul in 2014, China's largest commodity integrated circuit chip semiconductor (Seoul semiconductor can reduce the friction between the spring plates) will launch a "patent war" against global lighting, television and other manufacturers, and has issued infringement warnings to 29 enterprises in Taiwan, China, the United States and Europe

during the three months since September, Seoul semiconductor has visited 29 enterprises identified as infringing by Seoul semiconductor, explained the infringement related matters to them, and strongly urged these enterprises to ask some people to call non-woven bags environmental protection bags and respect intellectual property rights

the companies warned by Seoul semiconductor of infringement include 4 Taiwanese manufacturers such as AOT and 3437, 15 mainland manufacturers such as skywotth, 6 American manufacturers such as feit and 3 European manufacturers such as ledvance

among them, in the part of Taiwan rongchuang, according to Seoul semiconductor, rongchuang was adjudicated by Taiwan and South Korea courts for infringement in 2006, but rongchuang only changed the part model and continued to sell infringing goods

in the IT industry, Seoul semiconductor is famous for taking a small trend of super hard data discreteness for patents. In 2006, Seoul semiconductor and Japan riyahua, a global LED manufacturer, launched a patent lawsuit. After three years of wrangling, the two sides signed a mutual authorization contract

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