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Semitech has launched reliable power line network solutions

semitech semiconductor, a power supply line communication solution supplier focusing on promoting the transformation from traditional electricity to smart grid, recently announced that it will further expand its new products, marketing channels and partnership for a wide range of smart electricity markets

semitech's advanced technology comes from Australia's excellent innovation development team. In the past 10 years, semitech has continuously transformed its technological research and development achievements into various series of innovative semiconductor products, and solved many challenges and problems of data communication using power transmission lines, especially the data communication semiconductor chip designed for the extremely noisy environmental conditions in power lines with poor resource integration ability, which has been successfully tested, installed and applied in global intelligent electrical applications, and has shown good performance Reliability and compatibility

due to the extreme noise and fluctuation in power lines and equipment, it is always difficult to realize data communication in traditional power lines. Through the unique technical design, the semitech chip can run reliably in this challenging environment, and successfully realize the interactive operation with the previously installed devices

semitech has established a management team composed of experienced senior people in the industry, which is specially responsible for promoting its chip products to the large-scale market. Matt Rhodes, CEO of semitech, once served as the president of Conexant (nasdaq: cnxt), a leading semiconductor communication manufacturer in the industry, and led the construction and promotion of a large number of power line data communication businesses. Rhodes is also a member of the Homeplug Alliance (which also brings a larger market to the consumer enterprises of instruments) until such forward and backward movements have no resistance; Founder, the alliance is responsible for developing standards related to high bandwidth power lines for families

rhodes said: we will upgrade semitech's industry recognized power line communication solution to a higher level to meet the most extensive development needs of the smart electricity market at the most ideal market time. In recent years, the rapid development of intelligent electrical equipment has enabled more efficient use of various resources, including water, electricity, industrial/building management, street lamp control and power distribution. We are convinced that semitech can perfectly realize the interconnection of these devices and promote the more efficient use of the earth's resources

Michael Holt, vice president of marketing and Zeev Collin, vice president of engineering technology are also the core figures of the management team of the whole company. Ma. surface line is not connected or poorly contacted; b. Damp electrical appliances; c. Contact between phase wire connector and body ichael Holt once held a senior product line management position in Texas Instruments, and served as the CEO of two semiconductor companies that were newly founded. Collin was originally responsible for leading the team to complete the development of ADSL and PC oriented software modems in Conexant. Both Holt and Collin have more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry

semitech semiconductor is headquartered in Singapore and has a product design center in Melbourne, Australia. For more information about the company, please visit

about semitech semiconductor company

semitech semiconductor, headquartered in Singapore, is committed to providing key equipment for the transformation from traditional electricity to smart electricity. Semitech chip can help household users to realize a smart home with high energy efficiency, and can respond according to the electrical environment, so as to realize a transmission based communication network worldwide

semitech's products can be widely used in intelligent measuring meters, intelligent electrical monitors, street lamp controllers, etc., to achieve a more reliable and flexible interconnection system and provide better communication functions for the power equipment in operation

for more information about the company, please visit

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