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Selling dog meat with sheep's head "Hong Kong Nippon" was caught near the famous brand current

selling dog meat with sheep's head "Hong Kong Nippon" was caught near the famous brand current


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[China paint information] is under the brand of "Nippon Paint (Hong Kong) Chemical Co., Ltd.", but it does not sell authentic Nippon Paint, such as "Hong Kong Nippon" "Century Nippon"... The "suspected twins" of these well-known brands are also essentially brand-name products. On the 29th, the provincial and municipal departments of industry and Commerce jointly enforced the law against an operator of Haicheng decorative materials wholesale market in Harbin, and seized about 60 barrels of famous brand products on the spot

At about 11:00 on the 29th, zhuzhigang, deputy director of the Fair Trade Office of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, who was enforcing the law on the spot, said to him that "this is a typical famous brand"

it is noted that this wholesale point, located at No. 110, first floor, block B, Haicheng decorative materials wholesale market, has a very striking word "Nippon Paint (Hong Kong) Chemical Co., Ltd." on its brand. The law enforcement officers showed the seized products to the. Only from the outer packaging, it was difficult for consumers to distinguish the true from the false

in the process of law enforcement, the merchant at the distribution point held a letter of authorization stamped with the stamp of Nippon Paint (the requirements of the same index regardless of specific materials) Chemical Co., Ltd., saying that he was only selling it on a commission basis, "A salesman said that he could sell 'Nippon' paint on behalf of an authorized agent, so we agreed to try it in the store first, and then pay for it."

Zhuzhigang, deputy director of the Fair Trade Office of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, said that the authentic Nippon Paint entered China in 1992. In China, only manufacturers in Langfang, Chongqing, Guangdong and Shanghai have been authorized. Due to the climate adaptability and business strategy, only those produced by "Langfang Nippon coating Co., Ltd." are authentic in Northeast China

the business channel is very complicated

looking at the 1 seized on the scene, which has greatly expanded the company's business scope, 0 varieties, dozens of barrels of large and small brand-name coatings, people can't help but wonder what kind of production, supply and marketing channel this brand-name product has reached the sales terminal

according to law enforcement officials, in order to simply pursue the interests of enterprises, a small number of enterprises use intermediaries to register a company in Hong Kong, or authorize the production and distribution, or mark the enterprise name registered in Hong Kong in a prominent position on the outer packaging of their own paint and coating products in a striking large font, so as to mislead consumers. The merchants investigated on the scene participated in the chain of selling brand-name products in an authorized way. When we asked the staff of the dealership about the origin of their authorization, we didn't get the desired answer

teach you three ways to prevent "flickering"

the emergence of famous brand products has undoubtedly caused huge losses to consumers. Today, with the growing brand concept, how can consumers protect their rights and interests more effectively

the law enforcement officials said that before consumers buy brand products, it is necessary to understand the relevant information of the brand, including the name of the manufacturer of authentic products, which is actually the safest shopping habit. The second is to go to regular franchised stores to buy. In addition, at present, most of the manufacturers of all well-known products have relatively complete anti-counterfeiting measures, such as authentic product verification, which are good ways to ensure that they are not "fooled" by illegal vendors

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