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Scientists have invented electronic skin for wound healing

a tiny "electronic skin" -- a wireless patch may be used to monitor the vital signs of patients, such as temperature and heart rate, and help wound healing

it saves the cumbersome connecting board walking space with the largest connection range and the highest market share of about 1000 mm high-tech enterprise wire and the electrode used by current monitor, which will make patients feel more comfortable, This new device was invented by an international team of scientists, and the recent technological development of the experimental machine has also received attention. The research results are reported in the journal "science"

"we are trying to reshape and redefine the electronic device to make it more like a part of the human body. In this case, it is the surface layer of the skin." Said John Rogers of the University of Illinois

"our goal is to make seamless links between electronic and biological tissues."

researchers embedded an electronic sensor on a film larger than the diameter of human hair, which is similar to the polyester used in children's temporary tattoo. Among them, there is a sensor that can move flexibly and bond with the skin without adhesive

when customers are encouraged to select the tension machine fixture, researchers say that this device can stay on the skin for up to 24 hours. Rogers said that the monitor will fall off only when normal skin cells fall off. He believes that the device can be attached to the body for up to two weeks

in addition to monitoring patients in hospitals, other uses include monitoring brain waves, muscle movements, sensing speech content expressed by laryngeal movements, emitting heat to help wound healing, and even touching on artificial limbs to generate induction

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