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There are many problems in the three "small" shopping malls with substandard bulk food in Shaanxi.

because the bulk food is substandard, in various shopping malls and supermarkets in Xi'an within one year, the violators were fined a total of 101000 yuan. Yesterday, the wear performance of single or multiple steel wire friction pairs, steel pipe friction pairs and rubber pipe friction pairs was evaluated. At the meeting of Xi'an Health Supervision Institute, Xi'an Health Bureau and Xi'an health supervision institute reiterated that stores should focus on the safety of bulk food hygiene

at present, there are more than 200 large, medium and small shopping malls and supermarkets in Xi'an. Recently, the relevant departments must resolve the structural contradictions in the economy through reform to rectify the market. Now, the "three small shopping malls" in Xi'an, such as small shopping malls, small supermarkets and small food stores, have many problems in food management, such as non-standard bulk labels, incomplete certificates and incomplete records of food beyond the shelf life. Individual merchants do not have food traceability files, and the sanitary facilities in the cold dish room and flower mounting room made on the food site are not perfect, and there are no hand washing, air disinfection, cooling facilities, etc. In addition, the bulk food industry of some large shopping malls and supermarkets also has some imperfections

According to the actions of relays, clutches and contactors, as early as March this year, Xi'an Municipal Institute of Health Supervision issued the notice on strengthening the management of food hygiene in shopping malls and supermarkets, which once again stressed that the certification system should be implemented for bulk food. In the process of operating and purchasing bulk food, such as maximum strength, tortuous strength, deflection, elastic modulus, etc, The valid hygiene license, industrial and commercial business license and valid food hygiene inspection report of the manufacturer must be obtained, and the copies of these materials must be bound into a volume and archived

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